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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Why Do Women Try To Make You Get Jealous?

Why Do Women Try To Make You Get Jealous In A Relationship?
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Getting into a relationship with a woman is never the end of the road. There's always going to be certain behavior patterns you won't understand.

Some guys think that's it, I've got her for good. But the truth is actually far from that. 

You've got to understand how women operate. Women are never direct with you when they want to find out how you feel about them.

If a woman is into you, and she wants to know whether or not the feeling is reciprocal, she'll hardly come straight to you and ask you in the face or reveal her feelings to you.

Because they're not simply good at handling rejection unlike men who get it every day.

In fact, only about 1 in 10 women would approach you directly and reveal her feelings to you.

Women are the kings of baiters! That's how she'll workaround to get an answer to her question without you actually knowing her intentions.

If a woman is into you and wants to know if the feeling is reciprocal without you knowing her true intentions, she'll bait you.

Once you bite, she's got the answers she needed, and you won't even realize what her true intentions were.

One way she baits you is that she tries to make you jealous. The manner in which you respond to the bait lets her know if you like her, and how deep the feeling is compared to hers.

A good example, she starts telling you how other guys are asking her out, getting her flowers or doing stuff for her...

The normal natural reaction if you like her would be to confess your feelings to her so that you don't get left out, or start doing/getting stuff for her so as to take off her attention from other men and keep it for yourself.

That's how a guy who doesn't know what the fuc..k is going on would react. Now let me give you a fact about women you should never forget, listen closely!

If a woman gets close to you and tells you about other men doing stuff for her and asking her out, then it's either a lie or they're all low-value men hitting her DM that she has no interest in. I'll explain in a moment...

She's telling you about all these men, but never actually meets up with them or gets into a relationship with any of them. See women want relationships while men want sex first.

When she comes across a high-value man, she won't have the time to tell you about it, you just discover on your own she's in a relationship. And that's it, she doesn't give you any explanations or asks for your opinion.

This would only apply if she never made it known to you in the past that she strictly wants to be just friends with you and isn't interested in a relationship (that's if you got friend-zoned).

If not, it's all bait for her to test you. If you overreact to her bait and chase her, then she knows "this dude really likes me, I don't need to do a dam thing to get his attention or make him love me"

And by you chasing her, she gets the power over you to decide whether or not she wants to be in a relationship with you. She'll eventually get turned-off or lose interest she had in you because you were just an easy catch like the rest.

One week after being in a relationship with this girl, she travels back to see her parents, as we all attended the same university in the past.

She comes back and suddenly her mood isn't like it was before she left. Am like ok what's going on? She says she's had suitors coming to her home seeking a long-term relationship like marriage or something in between.

She equally said one of them brings her gifts and stuff, and she admits to my face that she's beginning to like him. I stare at her and am confused all of a sudden. where did all this suddenly come from?

The way our relationship all began was that we hooked up a couple of times and she later came out to me that she wants something serious like a relationship and I were ok with it.

But by that time I didn't know how to react. Should I beg her to stay with me and forget all these dudes or should I do more stuff for her so she sees I like her more than the rest?

But at that time I was 20 and she was the same age, but I never saw the need to assure any woman in my life with marriage, or total commitment because I prioritize more important things like my goals, career...etc

And so all I said was, "cool if you love this guy and think you want something serious that would definitely lead to marriage, then fine go ahead with him". That's all I said and she never said anything back, neither did i.

She left and days later things went to normal. She came back and never did she bring up the topic again, neither did i. Now I realize it was her way of trying to know how deep or crazy I was over her. And trust me, every woman wants to know how deep her man actually loves her.

But since I gave out no reaction, she couldn't figure out what was going on in my mind. And so there was always an aura of mystery in the relationship.

It might have been a similar situation that occurred in your life where a woman baited you and you reacted. How did things go after that? not well I presume...

Never react to a woman's bait, always remain mysterious. If she comes at you remain calm and reply her with silence. If she wants to be with you then she'll stick with you at the end, if not keep in mind that she's not yours and move on with your life.

Once she knows she's more attracted to you than you are, you've just inversed the roles. She'll be the one putting in more effort in the relationship to make it work and make you fall in love with her.

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