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Monday, September 7, 2020

6 Tips To Avoid Being Clingy In A Relationship

6 Tips To Avoid Being Clingy In A Relationship
6 Tips To Avoid Being Clingy In A Relationship

Love brings us joy, happiness, stability and so many positive things you can think about.

The idea of falling in love can seem magical to the mind. When we fall in love with someone we deeply appreciate, we wish to spend the rest of our days with that special one.

But in reality, there is a thin line between wanting to spend the rest of your days with your partner and being clingy.

The more your partner feels clinginess in the relationship, the more they want to get away from you. Clingyness is a repulsive trait, and sometimes you can be clingy without actually realizing it.

When do you know you are clingy? You become clingy in a relationship when you;

- You continuously ditch your personal life and interests to constantly be with your partner

- You freak out and assume the worst whenever you don't get a reply from your partner, hence you double/triple text...

- You pry on their social media accounts

- You always try to tag along each time they are going somewhere and get angry if they say no

- You hang around their workplace or favorite spots just to bump into them.

Basically, if you show one or more of these signs in your relationship, then you're definitely clingy and need to step back for a moment before it's too late.

Back to our subject, which is tips to avoid being clingy in a relationship. I'll share 6 tips with you to help you avoid being clingy in your relationship 

Tip no1: She doesn't belong to you, it's just your turn

I get it, having a little sense of belonging to each other is quite cute and romantic in a relationship.

But the moment you become possessive over a woman, you start developing a clingy behavior. That's because you'll be constantly trying to monitor her every movement and the people she's hanging out with.

Yes, you bought her expensive gifts, paid her rents, and took her to one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Still, the fact that she said yes to everything you handed over to her doesn't mean she belongs to you.

Don't think you can buy her with stuff, or spending time her constantly because it won't work.

Once you understand the fact that she doesn't belong to you or anyone, you'll know when to lay back and let her come to you if she really wants to be with you.

Tip no2: Get busy on your goals.

You need to set your priorities in life, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Yes, the relationship might be important, so as your work, career, goals, and dreams...

The moment you give her priority over everything in your life, you lose your purpose in life and lower your value before her and society. That's because you're the guy that comes running each time she calls.

It's quite normal for you to make certain sacrifices and commitments to make the relationship work.

But once you sacrifice your entire life, you lower your value, self-esteem, and confidence. You'll definitely become a clingy partner in the relationship.

Tip no3: Don't get too emotional

As a man, it's necessary for you to be able to control your emotions.

Once you get overwhelmed by your feelings in a relationship you no longer think straight.

You might be saying to yourself "I just want to show the depths of my love", but you don't realize when it's time for you to step back and give her personal space.

Yes, love makes you grow wings, but even birds know when to fly and when to walk. Control your emotions and you can control your actions while avoiding clinginess. 

Tip no4: Don't stop hanging out with your friends because you are in a relationship

I once had a close friend who stopped hanging out with me frequently once he got into a relationship. Few weeks of being in a relationship, they moved to one apartment. 

They really seemed like they were crazy in love with each other. But months later, the relationship became exhausting for him and ended in bad terms.

I get it that being in love makes you do certain things, but ditching "boys time" and certain healthy activities like soccer, the gym, biking...etc get you exhausted in your relationship fast.

Moreover, seeing your partner every day eliminates the element of imagination. She has no time to think of you and actually miss you, or anticipate spending time with you. This equally exhausts the love she has for you fast.

Tip no5: Have options in your dating life

The average woman has a minimum of 3 dating options in her life. Having dating options lays your mind off a single woman for long periods of time.

If she doesn't write you back or shows the same interest, then you don't need to double text or chase her all over the place.

If you have dating options, you won't go after girls that don't show the same level of interest towards you.

This avoids clinginess and prevents you from continuously pursuing women who don't show similar interest in you.

Tip no6: Be autonomous

Autonomy is simply a fancy word that means independence, freedom, or self-governance. 

It is quite normal and healthy to have each others back in a relationship, but once you become dependant on your partner to take every decision in your place, or constantly provide for you, then it is a sign of clinginess.

Whether it means deciding which dress to put on, or which restaurant to eat at.

You need to have a real-life outside your relationship, where you are your own boss and are capable of making your own decisions and providing for yourself.

Clinginess equals to dependency. You might not necessarily be dependant on your partner for materialistic things, but emotional dependency and validation.

The more you are dependant on your partner, the more you become clingy and the less dependant you are on your partner, the less clingy you become.

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