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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

4 Things that Gets The Average Man Into The Rat Race

4 Things that Gets The Average Man Into The Rat Race
Image by lannyboy89 from Pixabay 

The rat race is a common term used to describe a frustrating, stagnant, and ever continuous financial struggle.

According to Wikipedia, ‘the rat race refers to an endless, self-defeating, or pointless, pursuit which equates humans to rats attempting to earn a reward such as cheese, in vain. It also refers to a competitive struggle to get ahead financially or routinely.’

Like the rat, individuals in the rat race have a common mindset, which is to work hard and consume harder. In society, it’s not necessarily the poor that get stuck in the rat race. 

In fact, the majority group of individuals that get stuck in the rat race are 2nd class citizens.

Those working a nine to five job. The common characteristic most of these individuals have in common is that they live hand to mouth. That is to say that they live from paycheck to paycheck, and soon as the money comes in the front, it jumps out through the back.

Have ever noticed an individual or group of individuals in your social circle who seem to complain about life a lot? They are smart and well educated about their jobs, and usually are the ones who get promoted or get a salary raise at their workplace.

But yet they never stop complaining about their bank accounts, how life is hard, or how their country sucks.

These people earn a substantial amount of income but yet still complain about life. The question is why do these particular individuals or group of individuals complains about life yet earning a reasonable income at their workplace?

Am neither a financial adviser nor a consultant, but every remark I make is based on self-education, and critically examining my environment and soceity. 

These points may or may not apply to you depending on where you are. 

So let’s dive deep down to our subject matter;

1. Getting into the wrong marriage at the wrong time

It’s becoming very common today to see men at the age of 23, 24,…27 already married. Once men begin to feel/get the taste of money, one of the first things that get to his mind is marriage.

Once he gets a job or has a stable source of income flowing into his account every month, marriage is the next big thing that glows in his mind.

Why? Because society has made it clear that for a man to become responsible and respected, he needs to get married which is all bullshit for me. 

Women were the ones who brought up the idea that for a man to be regarded as responsible or given a certain title then he must be married.

And men eventually bought it because that’s the song our mothers sang to us every day “Go to school, get a job, and get married”.

In some Institutions, before you get a job, promotion, or a certain percentage salary raise, you are required to be married. This places so much pressure on some individuals to get into marriages that might become disasters at the end.

And this is simply because they got into marriage for the wrong reasons in the first place. The fact is you have no control over your partners decision, whrther they want to leave or not.

Marriage is the number one biggest thing that can ruin any man financially in the 21st Century. Some men are becoming alcoholics, or violent today because of the huge financial responsibilities which they did not properly plan for before getting into the marriage. 

And so they turn to drugs and additives to make them feel good about themselves and forget their worries, even if it's for a minute

Give a man $1M today, he’ll get married, buy a house, get a luxurious car, and live on the remaining change for a couple of months.

Rather if the money was invested in a business like real estate, stocks,…etc. one could multiply this investment and earn passive income for life.

How many celebrities or individuals have been ruined to nothing because of marriages that never ended well and are still struggling today? 

Men putting in their entire savings to organize the marriage of their dreams, just to end up doing it over and over throughout their life.

I personally know several men who jumped into marriage because of social pressure and ended up either regretting their decision, becoming corrupt, or doing the things they would have never imagined because of circumstances they found themselves in.

When men acquire money, and begin to attract good looking women, they attempt to lock on to that piece of joy through marriage. And that's why we see more men getting married today or having a kid in their early 20's.

Am not trying to discourage any man or whoever from getting married. A man once told me “marriage is a call of responsibility”. The question is are you ready to take this call right now? 

Getting a job and having a stable paycheck is not enough reason to jump into marriage. You need an actual plan and financial goals in your life, and only after you must have met these goals and know what you are getting into should you think of marriage.

2. Living above your means

The more your money grows, the more your expenditures expand. Like Robert Kiyosaki said, our toys become more expensive as our money grows.

You don’t need to live like the other dude next door, prove anything to any one, or own 3 cars which you only get to drive once a month. The moment you buy a car from a car dealer or factory and drive it out, it loses 1/3 of its initial value instantly.

Let say the car cost 50k, 1/3 of it is equivalent to about 16K. Ask yourself, are you capable of losing 16k on the spot, that's if you were to sell the car? 

What if you simply invested that money or went in for a cheaper alternative especially if you live in a small town. It will do you better long-term.

Again, rather than eating from one fancy restaurant to another every day, why not learn how to cook by yourself. You could watch cooking tutorial videos, or buy a cook/recipe book to help you get through it. 

It provides you with more benefits than you could imagine, and it’s not just healthy or less costly for you, moreover, women love a man who can cook a good meal. You'll be able to easily seduce a woman just for the fact that you're capable of making a good meal at home.

These are different ways in which you can save more money, by cutting down on your expenses. 

In a couple of years, you’ll gather enough money to establish a system that could make your money work more money.

That’s why most second class citizens are stuck in the rat race because they get into one loan to another. Credit loans, mortgages, car loans…etc. you name it. 

They have this strong belief that they must showcase a certain standard of life style. There're some millionaires out there who look like the ordinary joe.

A small house, regular car, and little luxury. A good example is Warren Buffet, Mark Zukerberg, Ingvar Kamprad, Steve Ballmer, and Alice Walton who are billionaires but drove regular cars.

And so the average man pays himself first and rest comes later, but the rich man pays his business, ideas, and employees first while putting himself last. 

That’s why most entrepreneurs who own big businesses today went through months and sometimes years without receiving a single paycheck.

Because they pay themselves last and are able to squeeze their expenditure by prioritizing their needs and not wants. 

3. Procrastination

Procrastination refers to the act of taking goals and commitments in life, but never actually seeing them through. Most people who procrastinate use words like I will, I shall, later, tomorrow, next week…etc

If Newton was a procrastinator, he would have never discovered gravity so as other scientists that were the author of the incredible inventions we use today. 

In fact, if the entire humanity were procrastinators, then we will most likely still be living in the Stone Age today.

Some people think am still young, this is the time to live life to the fullest. They never bothered to make investments or get financial education and goals.

But once they hit their late 50’s they start talking about investment and looking for opportunities. But the sad truth is that their account shows negative because they’re still trying to pay off the loans they took years ago to buy a house or a car.

And so the eventually struggle at their retirement ages but end up getting trapped in the rat race.

Remember to have financial goals and a plan especially once you hit 20. Some investments take years to mature and so investing early while you’re still young and healthy is more convenient for you since you can depend more on your 7 to 9 job while waiting for your investments to mature.

A man once said the richest places are not the big cities in the world, but graveyards because there lies a ton of ideas and innovations that could change civilization, but never saw the light of the day.

4. Giving up easily

Some of us are so acquainted with comfort that once we step out of our comfort zone our minds and determination become so feeble.
Countless inventions today were built on total failures. 

Every successful man today is a product of his/her countless failures. Show me any successful man today who never experienced failures in their life, and I’ll tell you he/she is a fraud.

You must know and acknowledge the fact that failure is part of the success equation. Once you accept failure you acquire a huge determination boost that transforms you into a better individual capable of handling multiple situations in life.

Many impressive ideas have been abandoned by individuals because it was hard at first. But another wise man once said everything is hard at the beginning. 

Once you pass that phase, the toughest part is done and the entire journey flows smoothly.

Some individuals end up falling into the rat race because they abandoned every commitment they undertake halfway. Most of these commitments have great potential but would never see the light of the day.

Because of a lack of determination. Once you discover your purpose in life, you'll stay away from distractions and unnecessary activities. You'll become more focused and productive in the things you do.

Get financial education by yourself and learn from those who were able to realise their visions.

Never give up on your dreams, goals, and aspirations…

Once theirs is life, there’s hope, once there’s hope is determination!
Thanks for sticking untill the end of the post.

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