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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Why Single Women Are Into Married Men

Why Single Women Are Into Married Men
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Some guys never cease to wonder why most single women are chasing married men, or men already in a relationship. After all these men don't give them special treatment or assurance of settling down with them.

At most the meet just twice a week, and whenever he gets hungry he goes straight for the cookie. She never locks up the cookie jar for him and he serves himself at will.

Some guys also wonder why they are suddenly getting more advance from women, though they are in a relationship, unlike the past where they had to do all the work.

Firstly, A single man is always on the hunt and women know this, that's why they're taking advantage of you.

She knows you don't have a lot of options in your dating life, so she keeps you on the waiting bench and goes after the married men who are hard to get.

When a man gets into a romantic relationship with a woman, his hunting instincts go down, and he tends to stop chasing other women.

When you no longer chase women, the turn to approach you instead especially if you're well off, good looking, and have something going on in your life.

Women begin trying hard to get your attention since you no longer give it out to just any woman out there.

And so when most men get into a relationship with a woman, they stop chasing other women especially if they have plans of settling down.

Once she knows you're hard to get, she'll be the one putting in more effort and energy to get your attention like overdressing up around you, inviting you for different occasions, showing up in places you hang around...etc

Secondly, more married men are well off than single men. There is a significant gap in wealth and a very high probability that a married man has a job and a stable income flowing to his bank account.

On the contrary, most single men are still in their early days of grinning, hustling, and laying a foundation for themselves.

This is because most single men are generally younger than married. Married men have attained a level of stability in their lives compared to younger men.

They have houses, cars, and money to spend on these younger women. The single women know this and are tired of receiving the "pennies" they collect from younger men who are not yet stable financially.

They know the gold mine lies with married men and would dig as much as they can.

Women would never be present and loyal to you in your days of grinning. She might come to you for good sex because her sugar daddy doesn't make her cum as much as she wants, but once she's done she goes back to her digging.

Women want a man who's already established and capable of taking care of their present needs, not future needs.

True, there might be some women that would stick with you and be loyal in the days where you had to grow your business for 9months without receiving a paycheck, or work 3 jobs to make a living. The question is how many do you think are out there in today's 21st century?

Thirdly, it's very easy for women to get jealous of their fellow women. Women are in love with the good things, not the good man.

Once she notices how happy and cheerful other women are with you, she'll want a taste of it.

She equally wants happiness, wants to travel the world, and feels good about herself because once she gets the man every woman wants, her ego goes up. 

Watch how when you tell your woman's friends how your wife/girlfriend is taking advantage of you, she'll sympathize with you and tell you how awful your woman is.

But trust me, if you leave your woman for her, she'll do the same things to you. She knows everything about you already and how your wife is taking advantage of you!

She knows about these benefits her friend has and wants the same things for herself.

Just to say, "never leave a woman for her friend(s)". Like birds fly together! Forget what the movies tell you because it's all a projection of a man's imagination of how life should be.

It is easy for women to get jealous of their counterparts compared to men. Even after the relationship is over, she still gets jealous. 

Why didn't he take me out often when we were together? Why is it her? Why didn't you ever buy this, why her?...etc and so her mind keeps running.

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