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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Should Men Abide To A Woman's Definition of A "Real Man"?

Should Men Abide To A Woman's Definition of A "Real Man"?
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In our last post, we talked about a woman's definition of a real man (click here to read in case you missed it).

Basically, a woman's definition of a real man is a man who would accept her at her worst behavior, regardless of what she does. A man who would love her unconditionally, despite the mistakes she committed whether it means cheating or doing worse.

There is a big controversy between a woman's definition of a real man, and how men should act in a relationship in order for it to be healthy.

Let's look at it with different scenarios. Let's say you love a woman unconditionally...

She cheats on you occasionally but you take her back, she get's pregnant for another dude and you accept her and the pregnancy, she disrespects you in public and you let it slide, she empties your personal savings, and still, you praise her for being with you regardless...

What do you think is going to happen next...?

She'll keep on finding new ways to defy your life and personal values apart, reap you of everything you've worked for, and become even more promiscuous while getting away with everything she does with no accountability.

And that's because you gave her an inch and she decided to take a mile.

Abiding by a woman's definition of a real man would only turn you into her personal servant and errand boy.

When she calls you, you come running, or when she sheds a tear before you for something she did wrong you feel guilty for making her cry.

She cheats on you and her excuse is you didn't love her enough or you weren't around regularly. While deep down she knows you were working hard on your business or workplace to put food on the table.


That's how women and society expect men to be because they all love a happy story where the king gets back with the queen regardless of the situation right?

But happiness doesn't work that way in reality. The happiest people are those who are able to let go of any situation in reality, whether it means walking away and focusing on the things or people that make you happy and treat you right.

Once you abide by a woman's ideals of a real man, she no longer respects you and puts in the effort to make you happy as a woman should in a relationship.

Whether it involves cooking, or cleaning, or contributing to the family expenditure because she knows you're not going anywhere.

Some men embrace a woman's ideals of a real man because they fall in love with the sex and her body, and not her personality, because if you acknowledged the fact that she has an ugly personality, then you won't be in that relationship.

"Unconditional love" is not suitable for a healthy relationship. It can be the best type of love between parents and children but doesn't work well in a romantic relationship.

And what a woman's definition of a real man promotes is pure unconditional love.

To conclude this post, I'll say "men should not abide by a woman's definition of a real man". 

And I say this because every relationship needs boundaries and respect from both ends. Once one party get's to do whatever they like and get away with it, it soon becomes a habitat.

The relationship soon shifts from healthy to toxic and affects you in all sectors of your life, because a healthy mind reflects a healthy body and vice versal.

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