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Friday, July 17, 2020

Definition of "A Real Man" According To A Woman

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Who is a real man according to a woman's point of view?

It's no secret that women have unrealistic expectations for their ideal man.

A woman's definition or perspective of a real man can differ in one aspect or the other amongst them.

Women's definition of a real man has nothing to do with the amount of money in his bank account, the quality of his job, the type of house he lives in, or the number of exotic cars he drives.

It has nothing to do with a man's money!

Her definition of a real man is a sum of many quite rare qualities found in a man. It's not about physical qualities like height or muscles, but more of behavioral qualities

Generally speaking, according to most women, a real man is a man who is able to:

#1 Accept her negativities regardless 

Women want a man that can accept her flaws, whether physical, mental, emotional...etc

Whether she's fat, short, boring, argues a lot, drinks a lot,  can't cook...etc She wants you to accept her the way she is  

Women are generally insecure about their flaws, but once she finds a man who can give her security regardless, she'll refer to him as a real man.

#2 Be her superman in bed and real life

Women want a man who is a Cassanova in the sheets, and a gentleman in the streets. A man who can make her yearn for sex, and satisfy her sexual urge properly!

If a man is her rock emotionally, always have her back, always rescues her when needed, provides for her, then she'll refer to him as a real man 

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#3 Loves her unconditionally.

She would refer to a man who can show her love at every point in time, regardless of her mistakes as a real man

Whether she cheats on you or gets pregnant for another man, according to women only real men love unconditionally.

#4 Taking Charge of responsibilities

Women refer to men who can take charge of their responsibilities as real men.

Whether it includes taking the kids to school, providing for the family, cooking for the family, or helping out in house chores.

Her real man is one that can get things done properly and on time!

Basically, these are the qualities a man should have in order to be considered a real man, according to women. Some qualities might not have been included in this list, but those mentioned above are extremely significant in order for a woman to refer to a man as a real man.

Not all men can accept to live with these qualities because most of them require him to go out of his ways to feed her unrealistic expectations.

Should a man abide by a woman's definition of a real man?

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