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Friday, July 10, 2020

5 Major Aspects That Creates Deep Bonds in A Romantic Relationship

5 Major Aspects That Creates Deep Bonds in A Romantic Relationship
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Establishing a deep long-lasting connection with your partner throughout the relationship is not usually as easy as most people say.

You'll obviously encounter emotional turbulences throughout your relationship, regardless it's still possible to create a strong bond between you and your significant other.

There are a lot of couples out there who live together, eat together, and even sleep together, but still are not happy, and don't trust each other.

They sometimes spend weeks without talking to each other or just having a simple conversation.

And it's because there's no solid bridge between the two parties in the relationship.

If a relationship lacks solid bonds, emotions can't be transmitted from one end to the other.

And so when couples begin to neglect each other, they develop resentment toward each other.

Without further ado, let's examine some of the 5 major aspects that create deep bonds in a romantic relationship;

1. Matching Hobbies

It is usually a good sign when couples have a series of matching hobbies they both enjoy and engage in frequently. 

They get to spend quality time with their significant other doing what they love the most.

It's ok if your partner isn't interested in your hobbies, but once 
they can't accept the fact that it's part of you, or it's who you are, then it becomes a problem in the relationship.

2. Meaningful Conversations

A healthy relationship should not be all about sex or centered around the bedroom.

Having Meaningful and deep conversations with your lover strengthens the connection you have with him/her.

Communication is important, but having significant talks about your relationship is crucial.

The conversation could be about your goals, ambitions, new business ventures, or challenges in life.

3. Having Each Other Back

Your significant partner should be your rock, as well as you must be there for them when they need you.

Relationships are about undertaking commitments towards each other and seeing them through.

Being able to make commitments and oversee them at any point in time, creates mutual trust between you and your significant other.

This mutual trust between you and your partner creates the deepest bonds in a romantic relationship.

Undertaking commitments don't really mean financial responsibilities, but doing the little things that might seem insignificant to you.

If you say you'll be there try as much as possible to be on time, cook for your man whenever he feels like having a decent meal...etc

It creates "TRUST" in the relationship, also referred to as loyalty.

If both partners can't be loyal to their commitments, then that solid bond would never be established in the relationship.

4. Humour

Imagine you get back from a 7hr job feeling fatigued and bored. But once you get home, you can't stop laughing your lungs out until you go to bed!

Everybody wants an environment where they can forget about work even though it's for an instance.

People want to surround themselves with someone who can make them laugh and feel good about themselves.

Whenever someone makes you laugh or feels happy, dopamine is been released from your brain.

And so whenever we see them, we turn to associate them with more dopamine (happiness, laughter, joy...etc)

That's why you subconsciously get addicted to someone who makes you laugh or happy because the human body is addicted to dopamine

And so you form a subconscious strong bond with these individuals because they act as natural anti-depressants in your life.

That's why a woman would sleep with a man who can make her laugh and is confident, even though he's not good looking, or has no job!

The fact is the moment they make you laugh, you feel more attracted to them which establishes a solid bond in the relationship.

5. Good Sex

Lastly but not the list is good sex. I always emphasize on the importance of good sex in a relationship (you might want to read: Top 3 Things A Woman Won't Forgive About A Man

Good sex is like yummy food to a relationship. The better the experience the stronger the bond in the relationship. 

The better you get at sex, the more your partner would desire to stick with you.

Sex is one of the natural phenomena that releases very high levels of dopamine in the brain within a very short period of time.

The more intense the pleasure, the more dopamine that would be released.

There are several ways to improve your sexual experience and performance naturally;

- Avoid excessive alcohol, especially during the early moments of sex
- Avoid drugs (Marijuana, weeds...etc)
- Exercise more often
- Quit smoking
- Emphasize more on foreplay
- Get Kinky
- Try Herbal remedies (eg Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba)
- Clear your mind of anxiety...etc

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That brings us to the end of our post. Am certain there are several aspects that create deep bonds in a relationship but not included in our list.

Regardless we thought these 5 aspects are very important in establishing a deep bond with your partner and wanted to share it with you.

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