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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Why You Should Stop Using Dating Apps

Why You Should Stop Texting Women On Social Media
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Whenever we feel lonely or isolated from the world, one of the first instincts that come to our mind is to pick our phones up and start punching screens.

Every man seeks attention and affection for himself, secretly or openly.

During your search for attention and affection, it is most likely for you to hop in on dating sites/apps, and scroll through multiple profiles of attractive women, looking forward for a match.

Dating apps have certainly changed the way relationships are formed nowadays, to a greater extent.

Nowadays, you can get matched with a lady thousands of miles away just with a couple of swipes on your screen.

But take note, "if you are a man, looking for a longterm and committed relationship, then you should stop using dating apps". 

And I'll explain why in a sec...

The hot chicks you see on dating apps, receive messages from hundreds of guys daily, requesting a match or hookup.

These guys are of all types of caliber, including the clingy, creepy, and nice guys...

They are ready to say anything to impress these ladies, in order to hook up with them. After all, just seeing what they look like makes them anxious already about how sex would feel like.

These women have little to no information about the guys texting her. Only those she considers as high-value males (such as really popular guys, rich ones, or men with high social status) would get a reply from her.

You might be a high-value male (let say within the vicinity/environment of your expertise), but one's you step out of that space, you become just a guy like the rest.

A good example is seeing a chef getting all the attention in his restaurant while cooking might turn you on. But once he steps out, he becomes a guy like the rest. 

That's why I say these women might have little to know information about you, consequently, they would most likely classify you in "the thirsty dudes"-category, and only filter out the extremely high-value males.

Secondly, about 80-90% of all relationships that result from dating apps/sites are just casual hookups. And so most people that create profiles on dating sites/apps, are just looking for the mere excitement that comes with dating/hooking up with multiple partners at a time.

They just want to meet, talk little, and have fun throughout the night.

Those most likely to engage in a committed relationship on online dating sites/apps are mostly the aged groups (say from 30 and above!). Below that, it's most likely "just hookups"

Thirdly, most people on dating sites/apps have a lot of emotional baggage from their previous relationships.

Their previous relationships ended from one issue to the next, and before they realized it, they lost touch with the world over and over.

They either suffer social disorders such as Antisocial personality disorder,  Narcissistic personality disorder...etc

You'll always discover something peculiar about their personality that makes them a bad match for you in reality or longterm. 

While this may not apply to everyone on dating apps/sites, the majority might demonstrate these social disorder traits.

Finally, it is very difficult to establish an emotional connection by texting only. 

Most women on dating apps just want to keep the compliments flowing, and the attention raining. It makes them feel good about themselves. They want to know they always have a backup plan lying around.

And so they'll just keep you around like a dog a leash. Whenever they feel lonely or are in need of emotional gratification, then they'll pull closer.

Take your time and discover the world lying just outside your window. You should prioritize meeting women in the real world, than on social media.

I know most guys are scared of rejection. And so for them, it is easier to manage rejection on social media, than in the real world.

They can't get through those few seconds of your hearting pounding like a racing horse, and your entire body trembling like during the freezing cold of winter when it comes to talking to a lady for the first time.

Yes, it might be hard at first, but the toughest climbs lead to the best views. 

I once remember when I met this good looking lady, and she yelled at me to leave her alone just after saying the word "HI".

Whenever I think of it, I just laugh out loud with my buddies, because I never let what happened on that day to affect my ego.

Don't let rejection hurt your ego, and focus on dating in the real world. Only so would you gather more wisdom about relationships, increase your confidence levels, and master the art of attraction. 

This brings us to the end of our post. Thanks for sticking till the end, and I hope you found it interesting. 

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