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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Why You Should Stop Sending Money To Women In A Distant Relationship

Why You Should Stop Sending Money To Women In A Distant Relationship
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From the title of this post, am sure you might be asking yourself "does this even make sense?", "If I love her and she says she loves, why shouldn't I spoil her with my money?".

When you meet a woman for the first time on social media, you literally know nothing about her. All you do know is what she allows you to know, and the limited information you obtain from googling her name.

When you meet a woman online and she wastes no time in telling you about her financial issues, then it's a red flag she has a different agenda in mind.

Many men have fallen victim to such schemes and plots by women.

They feed you with stories, and prey on your emotions to get you to dig deep into your pockets, in the name of helping them.

Let me tell you a fascinating story...

It was 2015 when I attended a group graduation at the University of Buea.

The group was comprised of 3 ladies and one guy. Each graduate came with his or her own guest, to the hall.

A certain guy (we were not acquainted) had been chatting with one of the ladies for a significant period of time. 

They never spent quite a lot of time in person, because he had a job in a different town. 

He regularly sent her cash to take care of her bills, school materials, including leisure.

This had been going on for quite some time now, and their relationship was quite smooth for the time being.

On the day of her graduation, he was present and decided to surprise her, by taking the relationship to the next level.

Yes, your guess is right! He went down on his knees and proposed to her before everyone in the hall like a gentleman would do.

Suddenly, the entire hall got silent! all eyes gazed at him as he awaited a positive response from her.

10,15, and 20 seconds passed, and yet she was completely dumb. Paralyzed by shock and fear, she stood there without knowing what to do next. 

After all her family was there, and she couldn't say yes to a man she had no interest in before of her family.

The MC understanding the awkward silence that ran throughout the hall quickly reached out and dissolved the tension flowing through the hall.

She took the ring but never uttered any word, and they both went separate ways. The mood in the hall was like "what the fuck just happened".

Little did the honest guy know she had a different agenda about the relationship. Just within the hall, she had 3 different boyfriends, attending the ceremony in different corners of the room.

At the end of the day, this guy's feelings got seriously crushed (an experience he'll unfortunately never forget in his life). 

And it's all because he assumed quite a lot of things...

1. He thought that sending her money on a regular basis would give him a sense of entitlement to her feelings and love.

2. We all know the popular saying, "A good gesture deserves another". And so he felt like she would say yes because she might feel the need to repay him back for his kind gestures, one way or the other.

Either way, he was totally wrong...

If he took the time to know her well, spend more quality time with her in person, and see for himself who she really is, then he would have probably figured out her ugly side.

You see, the women you meet online are not actually the type of person they describe in their profile or tell you. They simply let you hear what you were hoping to hear.

And that's when you become vulnerable to their schemes, when you become too involved with her.

You see women enjoy the validation they receive from men. And most of these social media apps give it to them in excess.

And so whatever text you send her, other men have probably sent her that same text. And so what she does next is that she classifies y'all in the same category ("The Thirsty Dudes"-category).

It's ok to meet or chat with women online, but before you decide to take a step of commitment, make sure you have actually met in person with this woman, And know crucial information about her.

Most of these thirsty dudes that spam her account, wouldn't hesitate to send her money. All it takes is a single video call or voice text to get their brains all hyped up!

Don't assume that because you had a cool chat with her, or because she smiled at you, laughed at your jokes, or complimented you, that it means she's into you.

If she says yes very fast to a relationship, and makes high demands from you, then it's suspicious. There's is a high probability she's using you to make ends meet. 

So brief guys, before you decide to become committed (whether emotionally or financially) to any woman you're not well acquainted with, make sure you spend time with her in person (not through the phone) and know what you're getting into!

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