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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Why You Should Avoid Accepting Favors From Men You Don't Like

Why You Should Avoid Accepting Favors From Men You Don't Like
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Relationships can be so complex, at the same time so simple...

Life on its own is a transaction. We give to our environment, at the same time take from it in order to survive.

The tragedy of some relationships originated from the problem of misconception.

Women Usually become victims of circumstances like this because sometimes they put themselves in this kind of situation, where a man feels she is indebted to him.

If you've been reading my previous articles, then you already know I use my experiences to elaborate more on a subject;

A few years back, during my B.Sc, I had a really close friend of mine, who had an elder sister.

She was in a relationship with this man (who had 3 kids with another woman but not officially married), And the whole thing was kind of off-on

She knew this man wasn't good for her, so she decided to end the relationship and stay away from him for good this time.

But she couldn't actually stay away because each time he pulls out cash from his wallet, she comes running like a dog chasing a bone.

She loved the expensive life and needed his pockets to keep raining on her for it to continue. 

But within, she had no bit of interest in this man. Each time he takes her and her friends out for shopping, to an expensive restaurant, or clubbing, she'll bail out on him before they get to go home.

This went on for several weeks now, and she continuously refused to follow him back to his apartment.

He proposed for them to meet up at her brother's place, so they can talk things out without her feeling uncomfortable.

She agreed to his proposition and decided to head back to her brother's place after the night.

I was her brother's neighbor and friend, so he slept at my place while they were at his.

I slept late that night, and so at around 1:00 pm, it all began...

She was screaming, crying, tables and chairs were slamming upside down, but no one could hear her, and by-passers didn't care.

Hearing all the fuss going on, I knew that something not right was going on and so I woke her brother up to rush in there and settle what was going on.

Immediately she heard his voice, she screamed his name for help!

Once he opened the door, she came out in extreme tears and bitterness. 

Happy to be free from his tight grip, she put her shoes on and ran home in an instance, in the middle of the night.

Just maybe 5 more minutes, if I had done nothing, or slept off early then she would have been sexually molested that night.

Among the yellings and screaming, one prominent sentence I could hear was "after all that I did for you!"...

It shows that he was determined to get back every penny he spent on her long before. And that night was his lucky night.

I'm sure every woman wants to have a SIMP by her side who pays the bills and takes care of her financial demands.

But some SIMP's as you might think they are, don't do anything for FREE...

There are always strings attached to his "good gestures", and whatever money or item he gets for you.

Once it's time for you to return the favor, trust me he'll get it back in due time either through force or willingness.

And so the situation might escalate from negotiations to pure brutalization, just because you put yourself in a position that makes him feel you are indebted to him.

If the lady in the story didn't find her self in that room, and at that time, she wouldn't have had to go through all that.

Deep down within her, she felt a sense of indebtedness towards him and took the wrong decision to be in that room alone with him

Her problems all started the moment she decided not to have anything to do with him(which was the a good decision) but continued accepting money and making financial demands towards him.

For some men, nothing goes for nothing when it comes to women. Yes, it is pathetic for men to think so, but the reality is that some men actually think so.

And so if you are a woman out there where ever you are, my best advice to you is not to accept anything from any man, if you have decided not to have nothing to do with him.

Especially if he shows possessive signs towards women, people, and material things.

You don't want any man thinking he owns you, or he's entitled to sex with you, because he reached out, or spent money on you.

"If you open your arms to a man, be ready to open your legs in return"-Robson Joromi

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