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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Top 3 Things A Woman Won't Forgive About A Man

Top 3 Things A Woman Won't Forgive Above A Man
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We've heard many times that personality is the number one quality when it comes to dating, and yes it is in most cases.

There's also a saying that "True love conquers every challenges"-unknown. But with personality alone, do you think a woman can ignore or let go of other limitations in a relationship?

I don't think so, and there are certain things a woman would never let go, or ignore once you get into a romantic relationship with her.

No matter what type of personality you possess, whether or not you can make her laugh, or you dress like a model every day, or your looks are top-notch!

She'll dump you once you can't validate these aspects...

Without further ado, let's dive into it:

#1. A Man Who Can't Provide

A man who can't provide in a relationship (most especially financially) would most likely get substituted.

In general, women are takers/receivers not givers in nature, while men are the opposite. That's how it has always been.

They want protection, emotional validation, financial security, a companion, a rock, a problem solver, a comedian...etc

Am not saying you should throw away all your money on her just because you are in a relationship with her-NO that will be extremely reckless of you!

But the fact remains that a woman would always try to make financial demands to a man in one way or the other if they're both in a committed relationship.

How many women have you been with that never asked a dime from you? Personally, I don't know if they're out there because I've never come across any, but that's just how the world is I guess.

The financial burden only augments once you establish a family with her. In some very rare cases, women might not make financial demands from you especially during the early periods of the relationships.

Only older women (say from 35 and above) might not make financial demands from you in the early periods of the relationship.

Simply because most of these women would be already established in their life, and have a stable source of income.

#2. Sexual Failure

If you are a guy, then you know women never forgive sexual failure, or your inability to satisfy her sexually.

That's why most women won't marry a guy or be in a committed relationship without having sex a couple of times because through having sex, she knows what to expect from you in bed

If you try to have sex with a woman for the first time, and you are unable to get it up, then you'd see her anymore!

If during sex she discovers that you are a 3mins to 5mins guy, she's done with you because she won't want to be left hanging.

If you're a 30mins guy but don't know how to get her aroused properly or make her experience optimum pleasure, then she's done with you.

In most relationships, there is usually a lack of communication in the bedroom. And so some women might not tell you about the things that make her feel aroused.

They expect guys to figure out how to arouse her by themselves.

They simply dash to the next guy until they find the one that can hit the nail on the head...

And that's why sexual additives have always been a billion-dollar company because men know women don't forgive sexual incapacity and are ready to spend any amount of money to ameliorate their sexual performance.

#3. Overly Emotional

It is normal for men to feel emotions, after all, they are flesh and blood like every other woman.

But once a man becomes overly emotional in a relationship, it becomes a very big turnoff.

Women are looking for a rock she can lean on emotionally, a problem solver, a smart and intelligent guy.

Once a man starts acting on emotions so easily, they lose their masculinity and no longer do or think straight and confidently as they used to do.

Once emotions jump in a door, logic runs out the window.

Once she can no longer anchor to you for emotional security and validation, her insecurities take over and kick you out of her mind.

Her boat would set sail through the vast oceans, for new shores to anchor to.

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