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Sunday, June 21, 2020

How To know A Guy Only Wants To Be Friends With Benefits

How To know A Guy Only Wants To Be Friends With Benefits
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Nowadays, a lot of men are not willing to date anymore. What they are looking for is "friends with benefits".

Mostly because the dating game has changed in the last decade.

They are only willing to settle, or engage in a committed relationship, once they have achieved their dreams, ambitions or goals.

Most men are getting more knowledge about relationships and becoming red pill.

They now coming to realise that doing less with a woman is actually doing more...

In the past, relationships were very simple. You had romance and all the lovely things that came with it.

But today, romance is dead! Bring flowers to a girl on the first date and she'll think you're needy or a try hard to impress. You'll definitely never see her after the first date.

And so bottom line- women changed the rules of the dating game a long time ago, and more men are starting to adapt and have introduced their own rules.

That's why most men today are not willing to settle. More and more woman are complaining today that the good guys are nowhere to be found anymore, or good guys no longer exist like our fathers were in the past.

The good guys/nice guys are everywhere and would never get extinct, but when they came to you, you rejected them, because you have this unrealistic list of characteristics you want men to have.

And the truth is that these men would treat you better than the bad boy you want. You know but still you can't help it.

Once the nice guys master the game of seduction, they become bad boys and fall in love with the high number of pussy they're now getting.

The irony here is that when women get with these bad boys who were once nice guys, they try to reform them back into the nice guys they were.

But he's not gonna let that happen, because he knows nice guys always take last.

At the end of the day, though you wanted a relationship, you just gonna be friends with benefits.

So how do you know a man isn't interested in a committed relationship but wants to be just friends with benefits?

I've brought together 5 signs a guy wants just friends with benefits.

Let's get down to it:

Sign#1. He reaches out only when wants sex from you

Generally, when a guy desires to be in a romantic relationship with you, he'll always anticipate hanging out with you and doing fun activities like watching a movie together, cooking, swimming, and going out on dates.

But if he just wants to be friends with benefits, he'll only come around when he's trying to get sex 

Sign#2. Months of knowing each other amounts to nothings

Let say you've been intimate with this guy for a while now, but the relationship doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Everything seems stagnant, and you're at the same spot you were months or years back which is having good sex every Saturday night.

If this is the case, then all he wants from the relationship is to be friends with benefits.

Sign#3.He's not interested in meeting your family

One of the most significant steps of becoming committed to each other in a relationship is by meeting your boyfriends or girlfriends family and get involved in their family activities.

If he shows no interest in meeting your family, attending family dinners/activities, then he doesn't want to get involved with you longterm

Sign#4. He's not interested in doing the things you want

Usually, when a man wants to be in a romantic relationship with you, he'll want to watch the movies you like, go to the places you like and do the things you want to do.

He'll be willing to do the uncomfortable things he's not accustomed to, just to make you happy and be around you.

But if he wants just friendship with benefits, he'll simply want to do the things he wants with sex included, without any emotional attachments. 

Sign#5. He Introduces you as "a friend" to his pals

If you are having sex with a man or involved in an intimate relationship with him, and he introduces you as his "friend" or an acquaintance to his pals, then you've got a straight sign he just wants to be friends with benefits.

This brings us to the end of the post. But being friends with benefits doesn't actually you cannot get him to totally commit to you.  

One truth you must face is that if you are friends with benefits with a man, then the probability that he is fucking other women is very high.

If you want him to commit to you, you've got to stand out from the rest of the women he's sexually involved with.

It's not just looks that makes a woman stand out from the crowd, but her confidence, personality, and intelligence. All this matter most above just looks.

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