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Saturday, June 20, 2020

How To Know A Girl Friend-Zoned You

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Basically, the friend-zone means a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.

It's is common for guys to get the wrong idea concerning the actual state of a woman's emotions for them.

In general, women tend to be very emotional and act based on the current state of their emotions. 

If she's happy or excited at the moment, she might turn out to be more friendly, which might seem like she is attracted to you.

If you don't meet up to her expected standards and qualities, it's more likely for her to friend-zone you.

But getting friend-zoned doesn't mean you've lost all chances to get into a romantic relationship with her. 

It simply means she's not attracted to you enough at the moment to desire a romantic relationship with you, but she considers you as a "nice guy"(Read-10 reasons why nice guys don't get relationships right, and what to do about it) and would want you to stick around.

So how do you know you've been friend-zoned?

I've brought together 10 major signs that would tell you she's friend-zoned you. read more below so you can capture these signs.

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Let's dive to it...

Sign#1. She doesn't care about looking her finest around you

A woman who desires you romantically knows that first impressions matter.

She'll always put in extra effort to look better and sharper, than her normal day appearance whenever she knows she's gonna be around you. 

But if she doesn't quite dress up around you, she doesn't care whether or not she has makeup on while you're present, then she already friend-zoned you.

Even when you get to hang out with her, she doesn't put on her best to impress. She simple and prefers a quiet tone, rather than a flashy one.

Sign#2. She reaches out only when she needs a favour from you

When a woman gets crazy over you, she'll  always anticipate being around you and to talk with you in an anxious way.

If she calls you or text you only when she needs something done, that might be a little bit demanding to her, then she friend-zoned you.

Whether it is going on an errand for her, helping her pack out, or doing her homework...

One time years back, I had this really intelligent guy in my class. He always had girls around him but never went out with any.

They always approached him when they needed their physics or mathematics homework done. 

Once he tried to make a move on one of them, but she pushed him and gave him the "friend-talk". Now I never blamed him for trying to make his moves on her.

Little did he know that she already had a boyfriend, and got pregnant for one of the school jogs.

As long as you have, or can give her what she wants, she'll keep on using you giving you fake impressions of how she has high regard for you.

Only to finish using you and ghost you once more...

Sigh#3. She is not touchy with you

She doesn't use the slightest opportunity to touch you in a flirty manner, and always crosses her arms around you.

Whenever you engage in a conversation with her, she mostly leans backwards while crossing her legs.

Sign#4. She doesn't laugh at your jokes

She doesn't laugh at your jokes, especially if they are not funny at all.

She'll adopt a more serious and less lenient attitude towards you and your personality.

Sign#5. She's not curious about your personal life

Normally, when a woman finds you attractive, she'll want to know every detail about you.

From your nationality to your siblings, parents, hobbies, interest, life-experiences, your previous relationships, up to your best meals, colours and outfit...

You can sense her devoted interest in your personal life, miles away.

But once she friend-zoned you, she would have little to no interest in your personal life. If she does, it'll just be basic stuff about you!

Sign#6. She doesn't hang out with you in public

When a woman wants to be in a romantic relationship with a man, she would want to parade the streets with him holding hands, smiling and being really touchy.

It's her way of showing off to her friends and the entire world.

But if a woman has friend-zoned you, she would only contact you behind the scenes, to carter for her errands, lend her money, or clean up a mess she created

Sign#7. She doesn't flirt back whenever you flirt with her

Whenever you try to flirt with her (whether through text, calls or in-person), she'll either ignore you or laugh, but doesn't flirt back in return.

It's very typical of women to exhibit this behaviour when she is not attracted to you.

Sometimes you might feel the awkwardness from miles away whenever you flirt with her.

Sign#8. She tells you about issues in her present relationships

If she brings her relationship issues to you for advice, then she definitely considers you as just a friend.

You become a temporary emotional shelter she can run and cry to, whenever her relationship becomes shaky.

One's everything goes to normal, she expresses what a great friend you are to her and soon ghosts you. 

Once more issues arise, the cycle begins all over...

Sign#9. She is never shy around you

Usually, a girl would only become comfortable much later in the relationship. 

When she feels attracted to you, the tone of her voice changes around you, she adopts a timid behaviour with you and she gives you special treatment.

But once you get friend-zoned, she acts normally around you as she does with others, she'll be straight-forward and doesn't get to give you any special treatment.

Sign#10. She refers to you as a "brother" or "a friend"

Finally but not the list, one way to be 100% sure she friend-zoned you is if she calls you or introduces you as a friend/brotherly-figure straight out.

Let say you help her out with a special favour, and she uses words like these;" thanks for hand, you're such a great/nice/best friend".

Then here you definitely know you have been friend-zoned!

Bonus point...

Sign#11. She doesn't post pictures of you on social media

We all know how most women are addicted to their phones and social media.

If you've known her for a while already and she doesn't try to take pictures with you or post you on her social media accounts, then she's not attracted to you.

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