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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Best Way To Get Into A Romantic Relationship With A Woman Without Appearing Desperate

Easiest Way To Get Into A Romantic Relationship With A Woman
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Nowadays, men constantly feel the pressure to get into a romantic relationship from their family, friends, colleagues...etc

Society has made men think that they have to pursue a woman, after a certain age, whether or not they feel they are ready.

And so, most men end up doing it the wrong way. Either they bring up the idea of being in a committed relationship too soon, or they continue to beat around the bush until they get friend-zoned.

Just to share a little story, once I had this girl who was into me, and i was equally into her.

We always talked over the phone for long periods of time, sometimes a few hours straight at night.

We just talked about usual and basic stuff like movies, and life in general. But I had not yet asked her out while we were still communicating.

And so one day, she set a bait as women always do, to test me and see how I would react. Then I was ignorant and impulsive and never taught of it as a bait.

She told me she started seeing this guy who was good looking and treated her well. She said he was asking her out, but she had not yet given him a concrete answer.

Me hearing this, I felt worried. I never knew the right way to react to the situation, but deep down I knew I had to do something to seal my position with her.

That's when I opened up to her about my feelings for her. But, all she did was to give me the "that's really sweet of you, thanks very much, I'll think about it".

And yea that was pretty much it, she never got back to me or gave me any feedback from what we discussed because the silence in the air was enough to send the message across

Today, the women I hook up with, I never ask them If they want to be my girlfriend.

Just invite her over to your place or somewhere exciting and then hook up with her later in the sheets. If she's interested in sex then move on and let her go, but make sure you really have a solid connection with her first!

At some point in time, she'll bring up the "who am I to you?" question, and that's where and when you get to decide whether or not she's your girlfriend or just something casual.

Making her become your girlfriend no longer feels like a request you make but one she makes, and all you do is to give the final say. 

With this method, you'll keep the power over the relationship, and she'll feel the need and pressure to put in more effort to seal her position in the relationship, without you having to say a thing!

When you say to women "I like you so much and would want you to be my girlfriend", she'll most likely give you the yes you're cute, you're nice, or I like you too...

But, there always a but in situations like this...

But once I stopped asking women out, and just invited them to my place, used the kissing technique, and hooked up with her in the sheets, there always came a time where she would bring up the "what am I to you", or "are we in a relationship?"-question.

The only time when it's ok to ask a woman out is when you're proposing to her to be your wife.

You see women are competitive amongst themselves in nature. Once she knows you have dating options and she's one of them, she'll do everything in her power to feature at the top of your list.

What makes you valuable to her eyes is the fact that other women have eyes on you. And don't forget that the moment you say to her face that you've got dating options, would definitely be a huge turnoff.

Let her figure this out herself, or make it known to her in a subtle way!

The moment you start buying her gifts or pressuring her to be in a romantic relationship with you, she would think the reason you're trying to get to her or buy her love is that no one wants you.

And it's because most men don't have the abundance mentality, that's why they end up being 7th or last choice to the woman of their dreams.

So stop asking women out, because the reason you desire to become an alpha male is to become her number one choice.

And a woman would only chase the man at the top of her list (the guy who is not always emotionally available) and give him sex whenever he wants it because she knows she can't easily have him, while allowing those at the bottom of her list to do the chasing and give her the emotional validation she craves for silently, as they hope to get sex from her in return.

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