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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Become More Attractive To Women Using This Simple Principle Applied In Economics!

Become More Attractive To A Woman Using This Simple Principle Applied In Economics!
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What makes a man valuable to the eyes of a woman?

How do you make a woman know you have dating options in a subtle way?

These are the main question we're going to be answering in this post!

Have ever heard of price determination using the laws of demand and supply? 

It is a well-known law in economics that integrates the principles of demand and supply to determine the price of a commodity in a market at a given period of time.

When the demand for a commodity is high with low supply, the price of the commodity increases. While when the demand for a commodity is low with high supply, the price of the commodity decreases.

The price of a commodity increases because of scarcity. When a product becomes scarce, buyers would be willing to pay more for the goods because there's competition amongst buyers to acquire the good, and vice versa.

Above was a simple illustration for you to understand what we'll talk about next...

There is the scarcity of men possessing the traits and aspects a woman wants from a man. Mainly because women have a long list of things her ideal man must possess.
You see, real life is similar to the principle of demand and supply...

A man becomes more valuable to a woman when other women are interested in him and are willing to date him. 

Moreover, a man becomes less valuable to a woman when no woman has eyes or is willing to date him.

So, the more women that are interested you, the more other women would most likely become interested in you. It's that simple.

That's why the bad boys always get all the chicks. They interact with a lot of women, and even though they're not involved in a romantic relationship, the always keep them around.

Let say you go out on a date with a woman, and she becomes really touchy you, flirts with you and laughs at your jokes constantly.

The woman sitting next to you on her own, or on a date with a boring guy, would subconsciously notice how the woman you're with is having fun and all over you.

She'll feel an interior silent craving to experience the exciting feeling her fellow woman sitting next to her is. She'll want a man who can make her laugh and feel the same way the woman next to her is doing.

Without you knowing, other women are now attracted to you, only by watching you interact with a different woman.

That's why a woman friend is more likely to go after her husband or boyfriend, that treats her well.

I get it, women do have a code not to sleep with their friend's man or Ex, but let's take away this code and return to our primal instincts just for a day, and you'll be surprised to see how many women would jump on their best friends man!

That's just how women are wired, and no matter how they try to hide it, it always expresses itself subconsciously. And it's because women are very competitive amongst themselves.

It's true that other factors make a man valuable to a woman, like his ability to provide(eg financially), how great he is in bed, humour, looks...etc

But if other women are so much willing to date that man, it means he's already got all that a woman wants from a man in his pocket.

It's her number one way to know if you can provide, are great in bed, or funny, because all women want the same things in a man, and if other women are after you, then it means you've got the necessities she's looking for!

She won't have the time to hang around with you and know you more. Simply because women get asked out by multiple men a day. 

And so she wants a faster way to scan for the highest value male, amongst the low-value ones.

The main reason why you need to make a woman know you've dating options (in a subtle way) is that it maintains the attraction she has for you in a relationship.

Like men, women equally love a challenge. If there's no challenge in the relationship or it suddenly becomes boring, she won't put in the extra effort and time to please you and make the relationship work. 

Why? because she already knows she has you for good and thinks that she's too good for you.

Let say you're at a party or at an event with your wife or girlfriend, and she walks up to you in a conversation with another woman laughing at your jokes.

She'll become jealous and assume a more interrogative approach, even though nothing happened at all or it was just a harmless conversation you had.

Regardless, she'll feel the need to keep watch on you and the other women around you. Watch very closely, when she walks up to you during the conversation with the other women...

Either she'll lean in very close to you or talk about your relationship in order to get your attention. It' her way of saying "back-off he's mine in a subtle way". The other woman sitting next to her already knows what's going on.

Keep your social life booming, and interact with other women around you, even if you're in a relationship, in a harmless way.

That way, she'll know your value in the market is still very high and feel more urge to seal her position in the relationship, by craving your attention and trying to please you more.

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