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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Top 7 peculiarities About Men Women Find Attractive

Top 7 peculiarities About Men Women Find Attractive
Image by Hilary Clark from Pixabay

While there is little to nothing you can do about your physical appearance like height, facial structure, there is much you can do about your personality.

A relationship is not just about the looks. Looks might only be significant during the early minutes, of meeting a woman.

Once those minutes are passed, she’ll begin to give you the compliance and compatibility test, to determine what type of guy you are. 

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Some average looking males have developed their personality into an interesting, attractive guy every woman would like to date.

There are many cases where I’ve seen less attractive men date hot men, which other guys would most likely think she's out of their league. 

Some men think to date hot women, you must possess the same level of attractiveness (in terms of looks) as she does. 

This is a completely false belief...

These average men know that they’re at a disadvantage, when it comes to competing with more good-looking men. 

They have been able to develop a fascinating personality, which draws the attention of every lady in the room.

But how…?

In a moment I’ll show you the various personality traits average looking guys have learned to harness, which makes them look more attractive than the good-looking male. 

Just sit tight and continue reading so you don’t miss any of these qualities….

Without further ado, let’s look at 7of these qualities women find attractive in men

1. Humor:

Average looking guys are masters when it comes to the game of making you laugh. 

Look at some of the most famous comedians today like Kevin Hart, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac….

Notice that they’re all average-looking dudes when it comes to looks, but they can quickly make anyone including women feel comfortable around them, making them extremely great conservationists.

Every woman enjoys a great conversation with her man. If you can make a woman laugh, then she’ll definitely become addicted to you.

Women are tired of the regular boring conversational patterns like, “how was day”, “how was work”…etc. Because it just feels like work.

They deeply desire a man who can make them forget about their troubles, and relieve stress, even if it is just for a moment.

Every woman wants this quality for her ideal man, and would come back for more hilarious jokes!

2. Confidence

Self-Confidence refers to the immense feeling of trust, or belief in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.

Thousands of years ago, women relied on men for protection reproduction and food (Hunting). Finding a male capable of providing them with these needs was crucial for their survival.

One method they used to pinpoint a male capable of providing them with these needs is by assessing their level of confidence.

The leaders of the groups were males with the highest confidence. They decided which direction to go, where to spend the night, kept other males from other groups off, and had all the females they wanted.

This can also be observed today amongst some social animals like lions, gorillas, Chimpanzees, Baboons,…etc.   

Though this was thousands of years ago, women still possess traces of these “cave-woman” gene. Though she might not rely on you for food, and other aspects, deep within her she expects you to have an optimum level of confidence in yourself.

Moreover, she would equally assess your confidence by giving you the compliance test, and the compatibility test. 

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The women today are not so different from other women that once lived thousands of years ago, because they still continue to look for the same traits in men today.

One major aspect of masculinity is confidence. You need to be confident in your decisions, goals, ambition, and beliefs. 

Once she senses this, she’ll become more attracted to you because women are looking for a leader, not a follower.  

3. Great In Bed

Probably one of the most important aspects of this list….

Remember that every woman looks for three major things in a man “Protect, Provide and reproduce(sex)”(PPR).

The quality of sex you offer in a relationship is very significant. Women love sex as much as men do, though they might not speak of it often, because society has labeled women with high sex appeal as promiscuous.
Nowadays, women don’t just lay down on one position and wait until you knock yourself out. She’ll ride you, and give you a blow job, to make you feel sexually fulfilled.

She knows that if she doesn’t put in her best during sex, you’ll go elsewhere to look for better sex. As so she’ll strife to give you the best pleasure she possibly can offer.

In the event when she feels insecure about her position in the relationship, she’ll try to offer you a better sexual experience, which might be seen when she starts adopting unusual sex positions or introducing sex toys.

Women know the importance of sex in a relationship, and so if she is very energetic during sex, you need to reciprocate with higher energy levels.

If she feels like she’s better than you in sex, or you suck in sex, she’ll become less aroused by you and feel the need the exit the relationship. 

This is because women are “receivers”, not “givers” in general, and once you can’t give her the kind of sex she expects, she’ll look for the better, bigger package.

If on a scale of 1-10 in sex, she’s 10/10, be 15/10 and I promise you that she’ll keep coming, and coming, and coming, and coming… just to have another taste of your magic tail.

"Sex is more than an act of pleasure, it’s the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it’s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And at this moment you’re a part of them."-Thom York

4. Protective

Protection in this context doesn’t necessarily mean scaring off any man that comes close to her, talks to her, or carrying arms against her bullies.

It simply means that you should be her rock at all times!

Being her rock means having her back, defending her against her oppressors, and going the extra mile to do one or two special things for her.

You make a woman feel special not just by doing the little things that matter, but by defending her against the world and society, and when she’s wrong, you make her understand her fault in private without looking down on her.  

5. Optimistic 

Optimism in this context simply means positivity…

Be positive about your, goals, dreams, ambitions, and life in general. You achieve this by dedicating yourself to a task, and be consistent at it.

Don’t be a Grinch and consistently complain about how hard life is, or how unfair the world is to you. 

Yes life is hard, and sometimes painful, but things don't get better by constantly complaining and doing nothing about it. 

A woman wants a resilient man in her life, who has the heart and strength to carry the entire family especially during rough times.

It is understandable that due to certain circumstances and obstacles in our life, we fall. But as a man, you need to get up on your feet each time you get knocked out by life.

Remember, women are receivers not givers, and so they would naturally depend on you emotionally. 

If you can’t get your life together, or constantly become negative about life, then she would have to be the one to step up and assume the role of the woman, which is a burden she’s not ready to accept.

6. Be Healthy

This is one quality most men tend to neglect over time…

Your health is an important aspect of any relationship. A woman sees an unhealthy man = unhealthy offsprings+unstable future.

Women subconsciously go for the males with better genes, and they are able to know who has the best genes, based on your health.

You need to: 

- control your calories intake so you don’t become overweight 
- Do regular physical exercises 
- Drink decently 
- Use colon or perfume with pleasant scent (Avoid using colons, or perfumes with too aggressive scent) 
- Take a bath at list once a day and 
- Brush your teeth twice if not at list once a day. 

Once a woman knows that you’re not just good-looking, but healthy as well, she’ll definitely want to settle down with you longterm.

7. Good taste of fashion

You don’t necessarily need to be over-fashioned, like Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj, or other celebrities for her to find you attractive…

All you need to do is look good, smart, and adopt a charming/charismatic smile that would make her fall for instantly.

You don’t need to come up with the next fashion trend. Like I said earlier, look good and presentable enough for her to like you.

It is true that some women would want their man to look a certain way. If you think it’s too extravagant for you, and not your taste, then don’t force it or make yourself uncomfortable to please her.

Move on with your life and am sure you’ll attract the right woman into your life, who’s going to appreciate you and the things you like.

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