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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

6 major signs that tell you are clingy in a relationship

Love is one of the most wonderful and yet mysterious experiences that can happen in one's life. Just imagine you meet this good looking and easy to talk guy at the mall.

Things begin to spark between you two, and before you notice, you both are in a romantic relationship. You love your partner to death and want to spend your entire life with him/her.

They become your world and your everything. You can't stop texting them all day, You love doing everything with them, you wanna follow them anywhere they go and do what the like doing. 

After all, you'll do anything for them on the basis of love right?

Suddenly, they start pulling away from you.

They take more and more time to reply your text messages, he/she starts giving excuses at the die minutes why they couldn't make it, they no longer do stuff with you anymore and visit you less often.

But "what did I di wrong, or when did I offend him?" so you pose yourself. You might not even have noticed you were too clingy and trampling all over your significant partner boundaries.

But why do people pull away from clingy men/women?

A cling person refers to someone who is emotionally dependant on others. Basically, it means you derive your entire happiness from hanging out with someone.

By being emotionally dependant on someone else, you place too much pressure on them to be part of your life. You place a lot of expectations on them, and you end up becoming an emotional leech (always wanting to receive care, emotions, affection...etc but never giving) and this drains them up.

It is important to have boundaries in your life (A set of rules/values everyone who wants to be part of your life must keep). Once's you step on your partner boundaries, he/she gets turned off, and would definitely try to reclaim their freedom by pulling away from you.

So in case you might not be aware you are becoming too clingy in your relationship, I help you with 6 different signs that tell you are clingy.

Let's dive straight to the bottom:

Sign #1: You are always the one to initiate the conversation

If you notice that you are always the one to initiate conversations in your relationship, then it is a sign that you are becoming too clingy.

Love has to be reciprocal, and so you should not be the only one trying to make the relationship work. 

If he/she doesn't contact you at all, then it's a sign they have no feelings for you. Rather than using it as an excuse to always be the one writing them or trying to hang out, leave the relationship, and focus on yourself.

You'll eventually find someone out there who wants to be in your life, and loves you for who you are.

Sign #2: You are always the one visiting your significant other

Ask your self this "are you always the one going to his place, or spending weekends at his place?" 

If he doesn't ask you where you live or visit you at all, then he's not interested in having a longterm relationship with you. 

Sign #3: You want to do everything with him/her

If you try to do everything with him like going shopping, accompanying him each time to his friends or family, always tagging along every time he wants to hang out with his friends...

Look for a hobby, or something interesting like fishing, playing football, blogging/writing, or even starting up a new business.

When you put your time to good use, your significant partner would learn to value your time more...

Sign #4: You spy on their phones and social media accounts constantly

Do you keep sneaking around his stuff, checking his inbox, and seeing who's pictures he's liking on social media? 

If yes then you're definitely clingy. Don't let your insecurities and fears get the best of your relationship. 

Constantly going through your partner's phone/stuff is not the best way to quench your insecurities. Don't forget that we all have boundaries that need to be respect

Sign #5: You become easily jealous in the presence of others

You go out on a date and the waitress gives your man a compliment, and you overreact.

You go to the gas station with your woman, and while trying to get gas, another man compliments your woman, and you start a fuss

Jealousy can express itself in several ways, be it passive or active. Don't let it get the best of you and destroy your relationship.

Sign #6: You hangout around his/her favorite places

Are you always trying to get attention by hanging out in places your significant partner always frequents?

If yes then you're really too clingy. You don't always need to be around someone to let them know you love them. Give them their space, and respect their privacy.

Moreover, they may fell you're stalking them, which is weird actually and might even turnoff the emotions they have for you.

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