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Sunday, May 3, 2020

3 Ways To Know You're Pushing Your Man Away

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One day, you met this good looking man am immediately got attracted to him. Things moved very fast and before you noticed, you found yourself under his sheets.

But suddenly, he stopped coming by and started keeping his distance.

In relationships, women and men have different beliefs, whether it comes to where to have your first date, or when to have sex

Though when a man starts keeping his distance from a woman, then there's a particular reason behind it.

Let's look at 3 major mistakes that can cause your man to pull away.

Mistake #1. You become too clingy

Clingy women are good at making men flee away from them. It is necessary to show your affection and concern, though when your world revolves around him, he'll feel suffocated by you, and he'll try to retrieve his freedom by pulling away from you.

What kills the romance rapidly, is when you make him feel that you’re into him, too quickly. Men are looking for fun at the beginning of a relationship, and they love a challenge. 

If it's too easy, he loses interest in it. And once he knows you're already making future plans to be with him, then he'll freak out, especially if he's not ready for a longterm committed relationship.

Instead of revealing your emotions too quickly, you need to settle down, be calm, and make it a bit of a challenge for him. 

If a man feels that a woman demands more from him in the relationship, than he's willing and able to provide, he'll distance himself away from her

Mistake #2 You Are Too Insecure.

According to some studies, 97% of women are unsatisfied with their bodies/looks at list once a day.

It is never a good idea to reveal your insecurities in a relationship. Don't keep seeking for approval on how you look, or what you should put on.

Obviously, there's no problem in discussing a new weight loss program, or beauty regime you're currently into, but when you start asking each time “ babe do these jeans make me look skinny?” or constantly nagging every time an attractive woman approaches him, or talks to him, then you’re making him lose interest he has for you.

As soon as your insecurities become too alarming, it's too late. Rather than pushing him away with your self-doubting insecurities, why not show him your happy charming side and he’ll definitely hold on to the relationship.

A very helpful way to help you avoid your insecurities is to behave like every date with your lover is a first, only then will you not let him experience this other side of you. 

Mistake #3. You are sad without him.

The fact that he's not around doesn't mean that he's not noticing/perceiving your negativity. Moreover, if he realizes that he’s the only source of your happiness, then it might push him away.

The main issue here is that this type of circumstance makes him feel over-pressured to keep you happy, and that might turn out to be a huge responsibility for him or anyone.

Rather than depending on him to make you smile, make the most of your life. Find joy in doing the things you love, find out what other things out of your comfort zone makes you happy.

When you apply these steps, you not only make yourself happier in life, but you also improve on the overall quality of your relationship too, because you don't solely depend on him for your happiness.

And so rather than a 90:10 relationship, the relationship becomes a 50:50

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