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Friday, May 1, 2020

10 Differences Between True Love and Fake Love

10 Differences Between True Love and Fake Love
Image by Brandon Roberts from Pixabay

 “True love is not the number of kisses, or how often you get them, true love is the feeling that still lingers long after the kiss is over.”

Guys don't always say what they actually mean, be it unintentional or not.

Sometimes, it can be an issue of miscommunication where someone has trouble expressing himself, and you also receive the wrong message.

A good example is when he just got out of a romantic relationship and did not know what he was stepping into when he started dating you.

In the beginning, he was convinced that he was ready to commit to a romantic relationship, but later on, he remarked that he couldn't offer you the things you wanted.

As he struggles to work out his feelings, he'll offer you what's usually generally known as "mixed signals".

Then there are occasions when he is certain about what he wants and does everything to achieve it, whether or not it means lying to you.

He'll charm you into sleeping with him, then break the scene once he's achieved his goal.

And am certain, it's not the sort of love you're after.

So how do you figure out he's sincere, and not just using you as one of his masturbation tools?

And how do you spot the signs of true love, so you don't waste your time and efforts in the arms of the wrong guy?

Personally, I don't accept the mixed signals shit. Whatever he says, it doesn't matter because his actions and behavior are what really matters at the end of the day. 

Knowing that, let's examine the 10 major signs that may help you know whether his feelings for you are deeprooted, or he's just using you to achieve his goals.

Be aware that you may spot these signs in any guy, it doesn't matter how long you've actually known him. These symptoms manifest with a deeper level for long-term relationships, and you will notice early indications for guys you just met.

Sign #1: You Have A Strong Connection With Him

You may hear some couples talking about the strong link they have towards one another. They appear to know each other's thoughts, or may even finish one another's sentences.

It's borderline psychic, plus they swear to you that there is something supernatural going on.

Though the actual reason couples like this are tuned to the same frequency is because they take note of each other.

Absolutely nothing is complicated about this – they basically adopt the practice of responding, when one of them is trying to establish a connection.

For instance, you would probably tell your significant other while you are both walking outside, “Hey honey, check out that jacket hanging outside the store, do you think it's cute or old fashioned?”

If he just ignores you or shrugs by having an apathetic, “Hmm”, then a link between you two is not as solid as you think.

In case if he said something like, “Yeah, definitely looks cute… that jacket's ideal for you!” with a cheeky smile on his face, it means he's really watching and giving you his attention.

And it isn't just about telling something interesting to your partner. It might be more discrete, like speaking about a story and seeing how he reacts, acquiring a quick opinion for your outfit, or requesting assistance with the laundry.

These are typically “little” ways couples use to connect with each other, and it's going to take practice for couples to adopt this routine. You will notice how those who've been together for a while are naturally accomplished at this.

However, a superficial kind of affection doesn't result in the effort in making these little connections.

If a male continuously ignores your attempts to link (and not just when he is going through though/unpleasant moments), then he probably has no longterm interest in the relationship.

Sign #2: True love requires clarity

When a man is not really in love with you, it's doesn't become vital to him if he's transmitting a clear message or not.

What exactly am i saying?

To begin with, he usually lets you know at the last minute in case he won't be able to make it anymore, or he'll be late.

In addition, if you're not together, it always seems like he's gone off the face of planet earth (becomes autonomous).

You won't hear from him for long periods of time, and he won't care to let you know what's going on.

Regardless of whether you feel like he's the most charming and exciting guy while you are together specifically in bed, he is certainly not that committed if his behavior is not clear to you.

True love is the complete opposite of that, and so he's not supposed to always make you wonder if he's going to walk out on you one day or not.

Sign #3: He is actually concerned about being together

A relationship based on lust doesn't put in efforts in doing the things that draw couples closer to one another.

There is always that “I'll see you when next I see you” type of vibe, and you never feel any type of progress in the relationship.

Someone who is actually in love with you would put in every effort to make sure he spends time with you in person, even though he has to alter his entire program.

Moreover, it becomes a solid sign he's serious about the relationship if he is spending quality time with you, and it becomes a routine.

When a guy's creating fun and exciting experiences with you, he is interested in creating richer, and deeper connections with you.

It is not often about taking weekend breaks in the countryside, or flying to Paris for the holidays, but instead the smaller things such as coming together for a weekend break Netflix chill or a Thursday brunch.

True love is not just centered on going after the “high” that accompany romantic endeavors, but rather establishing a stable routine that lays the foundation of your relationship.

Sign #4: He doesn't restrain from pushing your limits

Couples who experience true love are not afraid to disagree with each other sometimes.

Whether they have a different point of view concerning a situation/matter, they can accept the fact that they don't agree with each other - primarily when it comes to “dealbreaker” types of topics.

Most importantly, they can give their honest point of view on the matter, even if it is the complete opposite of what the other thinks or believes.

Someone who's only interested in a one-shot kind of deal (instead of being in it longterm) will not risk tossing the boat.

He'll certainly adopt the politician style, saying and doing anything to ensure exciting moments rocks.

He's pondering, “What is the need of being straightforward about it if she'll get upset at the end?”

Nonetheless, a man in love isn't as concerned with the ups and downs, or agreements and disagreements, because he's interested in knowing the real you, even if it means telling you the truth.

He knows it can be an unpleasant course of action, yet he does not mind.

Jessica, a friend of mine had been telling me concerning her life partner, Daniel:

"You know, in the beginning, I always thought he was a jerk for being extremely straight up with me. Nonetheless, he showed me respect though we disagreed on some issues".

She later added, “If I was wrong somehow, he called me out on it without making me feel terrible about my self. At first, I'd get mad at Daniel, but now I respect and appreciate him more for telling me the truth about what I needed to understand.”

Sign #5: He fulfills you halfway, or maybe more than that

Relationships are all about give and take transactions, but a guy truly in love is actually more interested in giving than taking

In addition, whenever he gives you 100%, be positive there are no strings attached. He does it because he wants to, regardless of how much he gets in return.

True love doesn't keep records, so if he truly loves you, then he won't bring up the hours he waited for you because something important came up at work, or that he had to cancel clubbing night with his pals to see you.

Shallow relationships usually have self-serving itineraries (i.e. intercourse, money, boasting rights).

If a guy is a lot more concerned about obtaining the reward, you'll definitely feel it, regardless of whether he expresses it such as, “I did this for you, so what do I get in return?” or not

In addition, a guy who isn't really in love with you tends to think about himself first, before the rest can follow.

He'll almost certainly insist on doing the stuff he likes, instead of asking you want you would like to do.

It might be little stuff like which restaurant to eat, which movie to watch.

This could also be issues of a bigger scale, like deciding in which direction the relationship's headed.

Fake love doesn't really thrive with making room for compromise, as couples are more like to separate over this.

Sign #6: He makes you feel different

You can figure out that a guy is in love with you if he makes you feel “different” from other women.

He makes you feel unique - as if you're the only woman on the planet.

Men looking for a serious/longterm relationship are in search of that one woman who differentiates themselves, standing above the rest

And in case he feels you are "the one" he will show some clues to let you know.

The chances are he will probably end up being indirect about this due to the fact that men generally have issues conveying their feelings.

Emotions are certainly not a comfortable place for them as it is for women (although you can find exceptions).

That's why it can be an obstacle for him to unwrap something as complicated as love.

Hence he will probably let you know by saying something along the lines for example “You're different from other women” or “I've never met anyone like you.”

A man who doesn't have strong feelings for you won't dive into this kind of topic, that's because he is obsessed over you.

Sign #7: He's ever-present For you

A lot of women experience difficulties in figuring this one out.

But should you take note of his actions, there might be signs that he is not just in the relationship for sex.

If he is continuously doing big and little things for you, it is his way of making you understand his true feelings for you.

Most guys are actors than tellers when it comes to love. If he truly loves you, he'll show it and not just say it

In addition, it's more likely to be the real thing if he takes note of little things about you, and puts them to excellent use later on.

For instance, he might know how badly you're into romantic movies,

Later he'll surprise you with tickets for a midnight screening to watch a romantic movie at the cinema you were telling him about.

Just about all, it indicates that your joy is essential to him, as well as any guy worth being together with, won't fell 100% in person if he's not doing enough to take care of you and make you happy.

A man who doesn't care, won't put in effort remembering those important bits of information. And he will likely not even do anything to make you happy unless it is beneficial to him.

Sign #8: He's part of your life – and not only the exciting parts

An additional sign he is in love with you is if he goes out of ways and comfort zone to become part of your world.

You might notice him trying to determine your interest, and tag along with you though he has no interest in it.

He's going to be also very happy to meet up with other people in your life like your friends and family in order to know you more.

Hanging around with your buddies and family enables him to see you in action, and know more about what makes you smile.

A man that's merely interested in accomplishing a short-term goal will not likely have an interest in experiencing this other side of you.

If It does not serve his interest in any way, and he won't see any reason to take the relationship to the next level, past just having sex with you.

Fake love falls apart when the relationship becomes challenging, He won't put in the energy to determine your passions, likes, and don't-likes, and doesn't care about the key people in your life.

This process usually takes some time and effort. Whether or not he undertakes these inconveniencies, is a genuine way of measuring the intensity of his emotions for you.

In the event where he is willing to make sacrifices he could have avoided, and he doesn't quit even though the relationship gets rough, then you'd better hold on tight to him.

This indicates that he won't let go in the face of difficulty/adversity, which is more than you can expect from the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of guys out there.

Sign #9; He makes you feel like a teenager in love

As time passes, and you both continue to be with each other, doing the things you used to do, then it's definitely a sign of true love.

When a man unveils the buried teenager in you by making you feel young and crazy in love, then it's most certainly true love.

He's not afraid to show you the crazy, energetic, and funny child that lies within him, because he trusts you and wants you to really know who he is.

Such men always emit positive energy, would make you laugh, and you'll never get bored being with him.

If a man is constantly serious with you, never losses up, and only tries to bang each time he sets his eyes on you, then he's not that interested in the relationship.

Sign #10; He backs you up in public

If a guy defends and protects your name in public, then he is definitely worth loving.

He doesn't lash out on you in public but waits for the right moment while you're alone to tell you you were wrong.

He's not afraid to hold your hand while walking by an ally, he doesn't hesitate to kiss you goodbye or flirt with you in public. He wants the whole world to know you're his woman, and he is your man. 

Having such a man is worth holding on to, and is very much interested in the relationship long-term.

It can be very hard to determine while men walk away all of a sudden, and whether or not his love is genuine. 

You do not need to panic if your relationship is experiencing adversities. There is a method to overcome the wall men put up when they don't feel the drive anymore!

The basis of what is required from you is to master how men think and get a good understanding of what makes them leave

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