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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Why Men Should Not Respond to Rejection From Women

Why Men Should Not Respond to Rejection From Women
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Responding to social rejection from women takes away your power and self-confidence. You're not always going to be successful in picking up women, so what do you do when you encounter rejection?

Have you ever approached a woman, try to get her attention, and she totally ignores you or stretched out your hand to shake her and she doesn't reciprocate?

As we have seen from previous articles, the fear of rejection is one of the main reasons introverts isolate themselves from social gatherings. 
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It can be frustrating to constantly get rejected by women. Most guys develop an inferiority complex and lose their confidence around women.

Very attractive women tend to ignore or reject most men that come their way. This is simply because they receive a lot of attraction from men daily, and most of these men either act too thirsty or try to get them with gifts.

Every woman has a list of her ideal man in mind. She will most likely settle with the high-value man, who matches up most of the items in her list.

And so sometimes it might not be you but her preferences. Some women are not open to dating men outside their race-ethnic group, while other women are willing and open to dating men outside their race.

Other reasons why women might reject you are hygiene, looks/outfit, and the way you make her feel.

If your hygiene is poor make sure to step it up, brush your teeth at list twice a day, take a bath at list once a day, use deodorants and body sprays, and keep your hairs around pubic areas low. The way you smell can either turn her on or off and so it is essential to always smell nice and desirable

Always look sharp, get a nice hair cut, walk elegantly and confidently, wear a wristwatch, and always put on a cute smile. 

A woman might equally reject you because of how you make her feel. It's no surprise that women love funny and romantic men. Women think based on how they feel at the moment, and so if you always make her feel good (and horny!) she would never think of leaving you and unconsciously become addicted to you.

Now we've looked at some of the reasons why a woman might reject you. The question is what do you do if a woman rejects you?

Simple do NOTHING, don't react to her social distancing. The moment you begin reacting, you've just lost power over the situation. Don't chase her, or try to negotiate with her, just do nothing and remain silent

Some guys tell ask me, "Rob I said hello and introduced myself to this lady at a party, and she ignored me. I felt embarrassed in front of her friends. Shouldn't I confront her and teach her some manners"?

Nope if her family couldn't teach her manners, what makes you think you can. Remain silent and don't react to her social rejection. That's it, you don't have to do anything more than that. 

Interact with other women at the party and you might even spend quality time, and soon enough you'll forget about the incident because you met someone better.

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