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Thursday, April 23, 2020

8 Secrets About Women Men Don't Know

8 Secrets About Women Men Don't Know
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The women you sleep with, go out on dates, watch movies, and play with don't actually tell you what's going on in their minds. Sometimes they might seem calm, while later they get agitated. 

The truth is that women don't want you, men, to learn about these secrets, and won't tell you this directly. Luckily am going to tell these secrets right now below, but remember;

"With great power comes great responsibilities" 

Let's dive deep and learn about these secrets. At the end of this article, I have a free give away bonus for the guys. So stick till the end in order for you not to miss it...

1. Women Stalk You on Social Media
Women want to know everything about you before she actually meets you in person.

Yes, guys, a woman would even google your names to know where you're from, your friends, your hobbies, achievements, have you been to prison, your favorite songs and meals. 

Don't be surprised she already knows everything about on your first day. But most at times they would still just for clarity.

The reason for this is that she gets really excited when she meets you for the first time and wants to screen you to conclude if you are a boyfriend material or you're just some low-value guy who has nothing going on in his life.

And so she wastes her time no more thinking about you and won't show up for the date. 

2. Women constantly feel insecure about themselves
Have ever gone out on a date with a woman, where everything went smooth, at the end of the date, she decides to spend the night at your place, but before you take off her entire outfit she tells you "turn off the lights"? 
If you've had three or more sexual partners, the am sure you've experienced this at list once. 

They want you as bad as you do, but are insecure about their look and physic. She might have a lot of belly fat (commonly called "spare tires"), or stretch marks. 

And so she thinks you might judge her, say negative comments about her or even reject her.  

3. Women talk about you with their friends
Whatever women know about you, or did with you, be sure her best friends know every detail about it. 

If she tried out a new sex toy with you, her friends already about it, your reaction and how you used it.

4. Women Decide whether or not you have sex before the date
Most women won't tell you the truth about whether or not they are willing to have sex on the first day with you.

Before the date begins she had already thought about sex, and whether or not she is willing to have it with you.

Some guys are skeptical to take a woman home on the first date. They think they might appear thirsty if they do. The truth is it depends on how you ask her to come home with you that makes you look thirsty or not.

But as long as you feel you have a good connection with her, and she's enjoying your vibe, then "take your shot without fear"

5. Women Feel Horny as much as men do
Some men still think that women don't think about sex, or they have sex with you just to please. 

Our society has labeled women who ask for sex from men directly as whores. And so to avoid been called names, or describe her as something she's is not, women prefer not to tell men directly about their sexual urges. 

6. All Women Have a list of their ideal man
She might have written this down on a paper or have it in her head, but the fact is that all women have a list of their ideal man.

This is usually unrealistic especially with younger women, as they age they begin to take off certain criteria.

This is why women above 30 usually settle down for low-value men, because of their high and unrealistic expectations they had from men in their early 20's.

7. Women are terrified of heartbreaks
Even more than men, women are afraid of heartbreaks, and generally do not handle it well.

When a woman's heart gets broken, she automatically raises her wall, and won't jump into another relationship until she gets over the previous one.

8. Women like men who have some game
She wants you to make her laugh, make her horny, do the unexpected, or take the spotlight in every room you walk in. 

Nice guys usually don't have any game, and it's one of the reasons they constantly get rejected by women(you might want to read: 10 reasons why nice guys don't get relationships right-and what to do about it)

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