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Sunday, April 19, 2020

3 Reasons Why Yong Guys Don't Get Relationships Right (And What TO Do About It)

3 Reasons Why Yong Guys Don't Get Relationships Right (And What TO Do About It)
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Most young adult males usually struggle with relationships and have a lot of burnouts and failures in their social life. The physical changes in their body sharpen their biological instincts to follow its course. Most of my relationship burnouts were experienced during my adolescence. I always tried too hard to impress and make relationships work, sometimes to my own discomfort.

So the question is why do young guys get relationships wrong? Some guys say it is the hormones, but I certainly don't agree with them. I've compiled three main reasons why young guys don't get relationships right. The last reason might intrigue you, so keep reading till the end:

Reason #1 Anxiety
Anxiety refers to a strong desire or concern to do something or for something to happen. An anxious person is always excited and lives in the future. Young guys always anticipate the benefits that come with a relationship such as sex, romance, dates, and praises from their friends. Eventually, their bodies get too excited because of overfocusing on their fanatic thoughts. 

And so they get too focused on this one girl, trying to impress her by getting her gifts and buying her stuff, and going out of their ways to do special favors for her. This latter hacks their minds and makes them believe "She's the only for me". Even if she says yes, the relationship would never be a long-lasting and healthy one, because it is a pay and earn association. She only pleases you once you deep your hands into your pockets, or do an errand for her.

Her expectations towards you would only increase with time. Once the well gets dry, it's time for her to find another. And so you find young men falling into depression because they got anxious about a relationship.

Reason #2 Clinginess
Young guys still believe that to get the women they want, they have to constantly pursue her and be a romantic nuisance to her existence until she finally says yes, because the movies say so right?
The problem with this approach is that once you start chasing her, there is a shift of power. She now has the power over you and determines the faith of your emotions and feeling for her. It's almost like waving a bone over a dog and telling it what to do whatever you want.

And so the reality is that this approach doesn't work as the movies or friends make you think. She'll certainly take advantage over you, and make you run errands for her while waving the bone/carrot over you but never giving you a taste of it.

Reason #3 Compromise Approach
Most young guys think that a relationship is a compromise, or you have to negotiate a relationship with a woman. I remember once upon a time in secondary school, a classmate of mine (though we were not close) who was in a relationship with this girl (same class) lost her to his best friend. 

I grew up in a boarding school, so we stayed on campus until it was time for the holidays. I remember one evening when I walked into the class and heard him crying so loud and say things like "If you give me this one more chance, I promise to change, or do this, or that for you.." He tried extremely hard to negotiate better terms with her, but unfortunately, it never led to a favorable shift in her decision. 

And so because most young guys think a relationship is a negotiation, some even go so far as begging for a kiss, more attention or even sex.

These are the main reasons why young girls are into older men. It's not because they look better than you, or are stronger than you. It's because: 

- They do not hesitate to correct her whenever she steps across boundaries 

- They put more value on their time because they have already found important activities to occupy themselves with, such as work or their passion. And so women know their time is money, and struggle to get a piece of it. Making them chase him 

- They don't act thirsty for sex or put themselves in lower a position before her. They always know how to retain power in a relationship.

And so now you know why you have a hard time getting the girl of your dreams. And so the question is what can I do to reverse the situation in my relationships? There are a lot of aspects we can talk about no stop. But if you're a man who wants a girlfriend in his life, wants marriage, wants to attract multiple women, or wants to keep a woman interested in him, then I recommend you to download this FREE PDF BELOW. It encompasses a lot of information that teaches you how to get the woman of your dreams. Click the link below to download your FREE COPY!

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