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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Why Quiet Guys Attract More Ladies

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Knowing what to say and when to say it at a given moment in time is very crucial not just in your relationships, but on your journey towards self-esteem. 

The average good looking guy who is calm turns to attract twice the number of women an average man would. They mind their own business, they talk only when it is necessary, they're smart and intelligent, good listeners, great problem solvers, and just to mention a few qualities... 

You might have noticed in your work environment, or your class, how ladies seek their attention, after all, they don't speak much, so why should women even care? 

The quite average looking guy emits an aura that infects every woman around them with curiosity. What type of guy is he? What does he like doing? What does he think of occasionally? What are his goals and aspirations in life? So she constantly poses herself.

Around his personality is a thick fog of enigma that no woman can see through. She would try to figure him out by guessing, and each time she figures out that she was wrong about him, she can't help it but look for different ways to get through the thick fog of silence engulfing his personality. 

In a desperate move to figure him out, she turns his attention directly to her, through approaching him and engaging conversations with him. Soon later, she learns more and interesting stuff about him that fuels her interest. Because he is quiet, he doesn't contribute a lot to the conversation. So the women who approach him put in more effort for the conversation to flow. They discover how smart and intelligent he is, and the enormous potential he posses within him. 
And so the balance of the relationship shifts, with her being on the giving end and him on the receiving end.

On the contrary, Guys who can't hold their mouths from running turn to push women away. Everyone knows what type of guy he is, he puts his business on all his social media accounts, he's the worst person to confine in because one day you know it would eventually slip through his mouth.  
They are emotionally unstable and easily get broken in life whenever they are faced with adversities. But most calm and quiet guys ain't like that. They handle failures and rejections very well, they are able to control their emotions, anxiety, and hardly fall into depression.    
A woman doesn't want a guy who's gonna be a burden to her. Rather, she seeks someone who is emotionally strong, that she can lean on and trust whenever she's down.
Quietness is a strong characteristic of masculinity, while the opposite is a strong characteristic of feminity. 

Another reason why women find quiet guys to be attractive is that quiet men have a deep calm voice as opposed to men who talk a lot. A deep voice in men can be an indication of dominance, strong personality, good health, and sometimes wisdom. For her, listening to him speak feels like a charm that nourishes her desire. 

Furthermore, quiet guys tend to be great listeners in a conversation than guys who speak a lot. Because they listen to the details, they are great problem solvers. They don't brag about themselves or their accomplishments, rather they strive to learn from their everyday experiences. They do not think highly or superior about themselves which makes them really humble, kind, respectful and more aware of what is happening around them.

Lastly but not the list, quiet guys turn to figure things out fast than guys who talk a lot. Because they rely on senses such as sight, hearing and feeling, they know when something is not right with you, or when you're going through rough times though you try to hide it. They are good at reading other people, determining their true intentions, and seeing clearly what is behind the mask.

“I've begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all its own.”― Chaim Potok. 
In some cases, being silent transmits a stronger and louder message than speaking out loud, whether it is in a romantic relationship or not. The act of being silent even when others would expect you to crack down and go, berserker, is divine. 
Most religions have long recognized the importance of silence, such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  
That's why women are all over them because they see them as an icon. Their ability to remain calm when everyone is panicking and good problem-solving ability makes them good leaders in life. 

Just to summarise everything in a single sentence: "In certain situations, saying less is saying more, doing less is doing more".

Obviously, this does not apply to every situation. Some women might see quiet guys as creeps and avoid them for certain reasons. But it is only true in very few cases even though movies have made us think otherwise.
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