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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

8 Sure Signs She's Playing Hard To Get (and what to do about it)

8 Sure Signs She's Playing Hard To Get (and what to do about it)

A woman you secretly desired starts flirting with you, but when you flirt back, she suddenly pulls away and gives you cold shoulders. You later step back, but then she begins flirting again and when you try to reciprocate the flirting, she pulls back once more.

It can be confusing and frustrating when a woman gives you mixed signals, and whenever you try to act on them, she does the opposite of what you imagined. The truth she'll never admit to you is that she desires you both romantically and sexually. 

Why do men women play hard to get even though she likes you?

A woman would play hard to get for 2 reasons;

Reason #1
She testing you to see your reaction, whether you would act confident and see how well you handle yourself when she no longer gives you attention 

Reason #2
She wants you to chase her.

The more you chase her, the further she pulls away. One of the best relationship advice I ever got was "don't chase women". The moment you start chasing her the more power she gets over the relationship. She no longer sees you as the alpha male she thought you were and loses respect/interest for you

But then you might be confused, how am I supposed to let her know I like her if I don't chase her.

Rather than chasing her, focus on developing your personality, your career, and passion in order to become a high-value man, moreover, be open to other women in your life.

She'll understand that you've got several choices of women willing to date you, and would do anything to grasp her hands around the grand price which is you.
This would eventually make her chase you and enslave her emotionally. 

"Treat a woman like a celebrity and she would treat you like a fan" 

We're gonna detailly cover how to properly court a woman without appearing needy in another post. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss it.

So without further ado, let's see 8 ways how to know when a woman is playing hard to get. Read till the end so you don't miss any juicy stuff.

Sign #1 She mentions the other guys in her life
She'll randomly mention the other guys in her life who are asking her out or are trying to date her. She does this because she wants to look valuable to you and make you feel she's out of your league simply to test your reaction because of reason # 1or2 above.

When she starts sending you images, or messages of guys asking her out, cease conversation with her immediately because she's stepping on your boundaries. You need to let her know you have boundaries in your life, and they need to be respected.   

Sign #2 She's hot and cold
If you try flirting with her and she's cold, then she's not into you. But if she goes cold and hot again several times, then she's definitely playing hard to get.
Remember not to chase her, move on and focus on improving yourself.

Sign#3 She never mentions she not interested and acts mysterious
If you flirt with her and she mentions she's not interested politely or any other way, then she's not playing hard to get. But if you do and she act mysterious, then she's certainly playing hard to get.
Don't chase her, because the moment you chase her, you fail her test.

Sign #4 She takes her time to text back
Even when she's available, or not doing anything at all, she'll intentionally ignore your text messages or takes more time to reply back. 
The error most guys do is that they text her several times asking why she isn't replying, or taking too long. Rather don't text her back as long as she doesn't reply. If She never replies, never text her again. Simply move with your life and recognize the abundance of women out there.

Sign #5 She makes you think she's always busy
Whenever you try to make plans with her, she uses statements like I might be busy, my schedule looks tight... but shows up at the end.

Don't set up any plans for more than 3 days. If she says she's busy, don't insist because some guys would be like how about Tuesday, or Wednesday, or the next day, or next week...

You'll appear needy and indirectly tells her you don't have anything going on in your life but her (the paradox of availability is a typical trait of low-value men).

Sign #6 She looks away during conversations
She doesn't maintain eye to eye contact during conversation and always looks away like she's doesn't care.
Maintain eye contact (but don't do it during the entire conversation, or you might look creepy) for medium periods of time and make her know you're a confident man who knows what he wants.

Sign #7  She doesn't tell you details about her private life
She'll begin to tell you stuff about her but only tells you the surface and keeps details about her personal life from you.
Don't over persist with the personal questions and allow her to open up of her own personal will.

Sign #8 Always well dressed around you
Whenever she's around you, she's always gonna be looking good and attractive. Because she has a crush on you but plays hard to get.

Compliment her for her good looks, but don't overdo it. If not she'll feel like a celebrity, and definitely treat you like a fan.

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