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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

13 Red Flags You're In A Relationship With The Wrong Woman

Being in the wrong relationship with a woman can be exhausting, and detrimental to you and your career. Things even become worst if you're scared of ending the relationship because you think she's soo hot and you'll never find someone like her, while deep down you know the relationship is not good for you.

So you keep on convincing yourself things would get better, you go the extra mile to make her happy, put yourself through uncomfortable situations to please her, buy her gifts, shower her with attention and praises. You set aside logic reasoning, and back your actions with "hope".

Being in a relationship is the best time to discover what works, and doesn't for you both. It's not about pleasing just one person, or it's not supposed to be a situation where one person thrives at the expense of the other. If you think your relationship is going nowhere, don't be afraid to face your partner and do something about it. If your efforts result in no obvious change in her behavior, then leave the toxic relationship on your terms.

Without further ado, let look at 13 red flags you are in a relationship with the wrong woman, and what to do about it

1. Everything is all about money for her
If your relationship is too demanding financially, then it's a major red flag you need to leave the relationship. If she expects you to be the one paying her bills, buying her groceries, getting her expensive gifts, and taking care of her shopping expenses, then she has no interest in you but your money. Such women are known as gold diggers, and when she is done mining all the gold and value in you, she won't hesitate to dump you and look for her next victim. 

2. She has no goals or priorities
She harbors no dreams, no goals, no future plans and expects you to be her all. This is a major red flag in a relationship, because in the future (if the relationship ever gets to marriage) she would become more demanding emotionally and financially, which is likely to become a heavy burden for you.

3. She disrespects and puts you down in public
If your girlfriend/wife is fun of disrespecting you in front of your family, and friends, then you need to talk to her about it or leave the relationship if she cannot respect you. One day, you might lose your cool and self-control pushing you to do things you never would have expected of yourself.

4. She is too comparative
She is always comparing you to her ex-boyfriends, her dad or other men she has high regard towards them. She refuses to acknowledge you for who you are, and steps on your self-esteem whenever she likes. This type of woman would make you feel lucky to be in a relationship with her, and remind you all the time how she's too good for you. Runaway gentlemen from such women, and don't look back once you're out.

5. She is extremely possessive
She doesn't allow you to have female friends, she becomes skeptic whenever she sees you discussing with a female client, and transforms to a wild dog whenever she sees you with a different woman, even though you did nothing wrong. Runaway from such women, because she would invade your boundaries, and destroy your social life.

6. She brings out the worst in you
A good woman would give you strong wings, enough to fly through any storm, she would complement your whole existence and make you feel like a lion whenever you face difficulties. If a woman does the opposite by pushing you towards the edge, making you do things you didn't expect, and constantly making you feel bad about yourself, then it is a ''major" red you need to leave such a relationship before it leaves a big scar in your life.

7. She avoids having big conversations with you
She doesn't care about the future, has poor management skills when it comes to using resources, and dismisses any important conversation you bring up. This type of woman sees you through money glasses, and it's a major red flag that she isn't interested in settling down with you in the future.

8. She's not interested in your family
This is a sign that says she is not interested in anything longterm with you. So she's not interested in making acquaintance with your family, friends, and relations.

9. She is manipulative
If your woman goes to the extreme to manipulate, you or an individual to influence a situation in her favor, then you need to review your relationship with her. A good example is when your partner uses sex to order you around and do whatever she wants. 

10. She is too clingy
Everyone, whether man or woman loves attention, and affection in a relationship. But when she makes you her passion, occupation, and purpose of living, she'll inevitably become too clingy. You no longer have your personal space to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Sometimes, women become too clingy because of their insecurities. The best course of action is to have a serious discussion with her, emphasizing why your personal space is so important to you.

11. She tries to change your values
When a woman tries to change your values, about certain situations in life, then she refuses to see things with a different point of view and doesn't care understanding how you feel. This type of women are commonly referred to as the "am always right" category. She doesn't care about your point of view and always thinks she is the smartest person in the room. This type hardly learns anything in a relationship, because they don't give room for learning.

 Runaway from such women because they would step on your self-esteem and values just to prove a point that doesn't matter.

12. She complains a lot
She's never satisfied with what she has, she is constantly comparing what she has, or what you get her with other women, and constantly reminds you how lucky you are to have her in your life when she doesn't bring anything to the table. Leave such relationships, because it might cause you to act like someone you're not and brings out the worst in you.

13. She has no accountability
She is self-centered, she doesn't care about her actions, and how they affect the relationship. She does what she wants, invades your boundaries, and doesn't care about your emotional wellbeing but hers. She always puts the blame on you and makes you feel bad when in truth you did nothing wrong.

No matter the type of relationship you find yourself in, your first approach to tackling any issues should be communication and comprehension. If your efforts prove to be ineffective then don't waste your time because you're are scared of change or you keep on hoping for the best. Whenever I find myself in a toxic relationship, I don't hesitate to end it, if I gain nothing valuable in it. Recognize the abundance of women out there, then you'll know how your time and attention is precious. 

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