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Saturday, February 15, 2020

13 Different Types of Hugs and What They Actually Mean

Hugs ain't as easy as they seem to figure out. A lot of complex signals and body language are involved in different types of hugs, and it's important to know what they mean so you don't get the wrong ideas.

Hugs are not just a way to figure out someone's emotions towards you but equally have health benefits. It helps release anxiety and transmits the impression of care and love in a relationship. 

Without further ado, let's dive deep and examine 13 different types of hugs and what they actually mean. Read till the end if you wish to be enlightened more about the meaning behind every hug.

1. French Hug
French hug

It's called the french hug because it's a common way of greetings amongst the french. It involves a hug followed by kisses on both cheeks. If a woman hugs you like this for the first time, then she really wants to make a good impression of herself.

If you're not meeting for the first time and she hugs you this way, then she probably likes you and looks forward to a relationship with you.

If a woman doesn't feel comfortable around you she won't hug you this way, as it might be considered as an intimate type of hug in certain regions.
It is also a common hug observed between diplomates meeting each other.

2. Side hug
Side hug
Also commonly known as a friendship hug. This hug means she sees you as a cool person, but she's not attracted to you intimately. She perceives you as just a friend she can hang out with no intimate connection.

3. Delayed hugs
Delayed hugs

This is the kind of hug someone would give you when they want you to know that they'll miss you, and they want you as part of their lives. It is a hug that shows care and love, and might sometime mean that they are grateful to you for your assistance, or favor towards them.

If your partner gives you a long-delayed hug, it means they love and want to lean on your shoulders whenever they are down emotionally. 

4. Hug with head cradle
Hug with head cradle
This hug means they care for you, they're willing to provide for you, comfort you, and would always defend you against anyone or anything no matter the circumstance. The spine is a vulnerable area in the human body. 

They'll protect it with their palms during a hug and sometimes accompany it with a gentle pad just to let you that all is gonna be fine. 

5. Two arms with squeeze
Two arms with squeeze

This hug means he/she likes you, has high regard towards you, and emotionally attached to you. If you're not around they would think about you occasionally, anticipating when next they get to meet you again. 

This hug equally means they've made out with you already in their mind. So they want to get their body as close to yours as possible.

6. Dap hug
Dap hug

This hug means we understand and highly respect each other, and there's a deep connection between us others just don't get it. We might be from the same womb, the same town, speak the same language or experiencing a similar struggle.

7. London bridge hug
London bridge hug

This hug is commonly known as the London bridge hug because it looks like the famous London bridge. In this type of hug, it is only their upper bodies that touch. Their arms are stretched out but do not wrap around each other.

This hug means I don't like you, but I find my self in a social setting where I am required to salute you properly.

If you experience the London bridge hug, then the person might not even regard you as a friend and does not have any emotional connection with you. It might be accurate to think that they feel uncomfortable around you.

8. Hug from behind
Hug from behind

This type of hug is common between individuals involved in a romantic relationship and occurs when one partner has their back turned and the other grabs them from behind with their arms wrapped around their shoulders.
This is a romantic hug that shows trust, attraction, and protection. It equally shows that they're in love with each other, reciprocal value, and fear to lose each other.

9. Hug with lift
Hug with lift

This hug means they've not set their eyes on you for a long time, and they're soo excited to see each other. They have been anticipating when next they'll meet each other and cannot contain their joy/emotions when they finally get to meet physically.

This hug equally means they have made out several times in their minds with each other while they were away, and are looking forward to getting laid tonight.

10. Head resting on shoulder hug
Head resting on shoulder hug

This hug means they want you to comfort them, be there and support them whenever he/she is going through a rough time. They're are emotionally exhausted and seek refuge from you.

11. Straddle hug
Straddle hug

This hug signifies a deep attraction and intense investment/passion towards each other. It's mostly common between couples and used to induce sexual desire.

If she gives you this hug when she's not in a relationship with you, then she has already made out with you several times in her mind, and wants to make her thoughts become true.

12. Back pad hug
Back pad hug

This type of hug means everything would be fine because am there to figure things out. This type of hug is used to comfort a loved one, whenever they're going through a rough time, like losing someone or something valuable to them. 
It is also used to assure someone that I will always be there no matter what.

13. Waist hug
Waist hug

Like the straddle hug, the waist hug is an intimate type of hug usually common between couples. During the waist hug, both partners wrap their hands around their waist and pull their genitals towards each other.

It is a hug that signifies care, love, sexual desire, and intense attraction. If you experience a waist hug with someone you're not in a relationship with or have never been intimate with, you shouldn't doubt they're into you and desire you sexually.

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