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Friday, January 10, 2020

5 Things not to do when a woman starts pulling away

Have you ever been in a relationship were in the beginning, things were honey-sweet, romantic, going out on dates frequently, a lot of cuddling, and texting, but suddenly she stops replying to your text messages, or she takes more time than before to reply, and she comes up with petty excuses to cancel any plans or dates?

Each time you try reaching out, she tells you how her schedule is tight, or she has this important thing coming up. The truth is no one is too busy to spend time with their loved ones. This is likely to happen to you, once every in every 3 relationships you have.

There are two reasons why women would suddenly pull away in a relationship.

Reason #1: 
Things are moving too fast and she wants to take a break to figure out which direction things are moving and how you would react when she no longer gives you the attention you craves for.

Reason #2:
She's found a higher-value man-"someone else she's more attracted to"

In this article, we are going to look at the things not to do when a woman starts pulling away, and why you shouldn't do them.
So guys stick around till the end to learn how to handle such situations.

1. Apologizing for nothing

When a woman starts pulling away, guys tend to start thinking about what possibly went wrong. At the end of the day, they apologize a bunch of times for something they didn't do wrong.

But don't get me twisted, if you did something wrong, then you should definitely apologize. If you apologize for nothing, you become less confident to her.

2. Chasing her

If you treat a woman like a celebrity, she will treat you like a fan. Don't chase a woman when she starts pulling away. The more you chase her, the further she drifts. Rather than chasing her down, let her do the chasing. 

Society makes men believe that they have to do the chasing to be in a relationship. This is just not entirely true.

Rather than appearing needy and chasing her when she starts pulling back, focus on improving on yourself to become a high-value man. 

She'll become worried, whether or not she made the right decision, and look for open windows to slip back into your life, especially if you're doing better than before. So focus on becoming a man of high-value rather than chasing her

3. Confessing your feelings

What most guys think is if they confess their feelings and tell her how they feel about her, she would stick around. Women are smart, and she probably already knows if you're into her, without the need for you to mention a word. 

Give room for imagination and mystery, and never let go of the power. If you suddenly begin confessing your feelings to her, guess what? She now holds the power in the relationship.

 Anyone with too much power in his/her hands would feel like they can do anything, and get away with it.
So guys, be smart and keep the power tight.

4. Matching coldness for coldness

This isn't bad at all, but its success rate depends on how you use it. I personally use this, but in a different way that works for me.
The mistake most guys do is when the woman reaches back, they immediately become needy and start asking her to hang out with them or go on a date. 

She'll know that you were just faking the silence, while craving for her attention within you. If you match her coldness for coldness, you must act like you don't care, till the end.

If she wants to hang out, let her be the one to say so not you. That way she knows you have more important things going on in your life. 

5. Buying her Gifts

“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” ― Paulo Coelho

Sending gifts is like sending a load of pressure to influence her decision. No reason is needed for loving, so if she can't love you back for the adorable person you are, then walk away.

In some cases, buying her gifts might actually work, but only short. You condition the relation as a one-way provider-receptor, rather than a two-way partnership. Once the provider can no longer provide, the relationship is over.

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