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Monday, December 9, 2019

10 ways To Become Romantic To A Man

10 ways to Become Romantic To A Man

Romance is an essential slice in every relationship. It is a two-way thing, and like I always say, "It keeps the flames burning". If you feel like you don't know to be romantic with your man, you're in the right place. 

Women think that men don't pay any attachments to romance in a relationship. But they're wrong because men don't usually talk about it, or if they do, they're are not direct. Men are good at keeping secrets and the depths of their emotions. 

Romantic ideas are usually simple and unexpected gestures, rather than the far-fetched ideas and scenes we see in movies. Talk about your feelings, appreciate each other for being in your lives, experience new and exciting activities that would get you both more close.
I compiled a list of 10 Ways to become romantic to your man, that works every time, and if you want to know moe, then scroll below.

1. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Upgrade you warddrobe
Men are visual beings, and so they can hardly be any feeling of romance if they don't like what they see. 
You need to present yourself to be more appealing to his eyes. If you were used to dressing just simple and put on no makeup and jewelry, then try out a more sexy outfit and put on some makeup. 

You need to understand this; when men go out they see lots of women, and each time they see someone sexy or hot, they compare them with you unconsciously. 

It actually happens unconsciously, because they don't realize they're doing. And this is because every man's biology is programmed to look, and go for the best. You need to step up your game if not they lose interest.

2. Be More Expressive Physically

Be more expressive physically

It is important in a relationship to be more expressive in a positive way. 
Whenever you walk together, hold his hand, don't be afraid to kiss or touch him in a romantic way in public. 

This turns men on because he knows you're comfortable and not afraid to be seen with him in public.

3. Grant Him More Time With His Buddies

Grant him more time with his buddies

You must acknowledge the fact that before you entered his life, he had his personal life going on. 

You need to give him space and time to spend with their friends and family. 

If you become too needy and follow him like pet around, he might end up losing interest in you or push you away. Give him room for imagination and let him miss you while you're not around.
It makes him excited to see you once again.

4. Maintain Eye-to-Eye Contact During your Conversations

Maintain eye contact

You know the saying that "the door-way to your soul is the eyes"? well, men are visual beings, and they can easily get distracted with things happening around them. 

The best way to have 100% of a man's mind and attention, is through maintaining eye contact throughout the conversation. Getting him to focus on you and only you is quite romantic, You make him feel chills and nervous. you're indirectly telling him to focus his attention on you.

 There is a mixture of excitement and intimidation which is sexy and can easily get him aroused.

5. Don't Get Inmate Everyday

Don't get intimate everyday

Some women might think it is romantic to have sex with a man regularly. Well, it depends on the relationship. If you've just been with this guy within the first six months then it's probably not the best idea to get intimate regularly with him.

The Truth is when a man knows he has you completely, he loses interest slowly. It's because there is no challenge, no excitement, no imagination, and he can bang you down with the snap of his fingers because you gave him too much privilege too soon.

 You need to hold back the cookie and don't give out too quickly. give him room to miss you, and let him imagine how sex would be with you. You'll make him go crazy over you and whenever the cookie is out of the jar, it would always taste better like never before.

6. Surprise Him With A Note or Flirty Text

Surprise him with a note or flirty text

Slip in a note with a sexy message into his bag or dress, before he goes off for work. I bet you, once he reads it he'll immediately fall in love again, especially when his colleagues see him blushing while reading the note, and tease him. Keep the note simple, short and sexy.

A good example; "Thanks for making me feel like a queen last night, you are my King". 

Any man would definitely feel more confident and think of you all day after reading this. You can play with the words a little bit to make it more specific to fit your likeness. 

7. Complementing His Actions

Complementing his actions

Everyone loves compliments and praises. Compliment him for his efforts, his achievements, and his looks. 

Keep it real and not too exaggerative or excessive or else he might think the reason for your compliments is that you want something. 

Whenever you compliment him dopamine which is the hormone responsible for happiness is released. This gives him a feeling of excitement and desire.

8. Add A New Flavor To Sex

Add a new flavor to sex

Sex is the glue that keeps a relationship together. If a man approaches you and says "I just wanna know you", then he's definitely bull shiting you. 

Let's not forget that men are visual beings if they like what they see they go for it if not, they avoid it. One of the best ways to add flavor to sex in your relationship is by assuming roles. 

Your boyfriend/husband can be the "grumpy professor" and you be the student trying to get a pass mark. You can be the "Nurse" and he'll be the "patient". This might seem weird at the beginning but it is one of the most romantic gestures you have with a man. with time you'll both get better at it and find sex more pleasurable and fun. 

Check out the video below to get more insight!

9. Have Interest In His Interest

Have Interest in his interest

Men's interest differs from that of women. Men love fishing, playing games, hunting, sports, while women prefer entertainment, picnics, shopping... 
No couples like to do everything the other loves. we have different backgrounds and tastes.

Men who can relate with a woman in one or two activities are easily turned on by them. Some men might be into you because you're intelligent, or you're knowledgeable about politics, you love swimming and so much more. 

Determine his interest, and invest some time in it. That way you get to know him more, spend quality time with him, and he will definitely value your presence more.

10. Have Deep Important Conversations

Have deep important conversations

Having deep and important conversations with a man shows him you are matured, independent, and care about the future together. 

This is can be turn off to most men because no man would want a woman who is a burden or a liability in his life. You must be able to provide something to the table no matter how small it is.

Here you go ladies, these are 10ways to be romantic to a man, that works every time. Give it time and practice and you'll get better at making men go crazy over you.

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