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Monday, December 16, 2019

5 Ways To Make A Woman Jealous And Crawl Back Into Your Arms After Ending The Relationship

5 Ways To Make A Woman Jealous And Crawl Back Into Your Arms After Ending The Relationship

When a woman ends a relationship with you, the worst mistake to do is to chase her down and literally beg for her attention. 

Most guys get frustrated and confused on what to do and what not to do. They buy her lots of gifts and ditch their personal life to become too available for her, without knowing it kills the attraction

Women see gifts like a box of pressure and trust me, "women hate pressure". It's like you're trying to influence or buy her decision with the unnecessary gifts you're getting her.

I've been there once upon a time, she was into me and put me through several tests which I was ignorant of. In the end, I didn't pass her test and she started pulling away. 

I put a lot of pressure on her to re-evaluate her decision about me and ended up doing worse. 

Anyway, that's a topic we'll discuss later on 5 things not to do when a woman starts pulling back, so you don't make the same mistake as I did.

So without further ado, lets jump in and see 5 ways how to make a woman jealous and crawl back to you.

#1. Befriend more women in your Life

Be friends with more women in your life

Men who have no female friends probably receive lesser advances from women. Women are more attracted to men that other women see as attractive, and are willing to date. Let me illustrate this more with a practical example:  

In a lion pride, you have several females and males. But all the females would mate with only one lion who is considered as the "Alpha male". This isn't common with just lions, but other social animals. And guess what, Man is the most social animal on Earth.
So women would naturally be attracted to the guys who is loved by other women, whether or not they are in an intimate relationship with them.

It's like a cave-woman reflex embedded in her DNA, that she can't control and does it over and over unconsciously. 

So if she ends the relationship with you, and sees you later on partying or just hanging out with several women, she'll feel jealous and get mad because you didn't do what she expected you to do which is chasing her. She'll regret her decision of ending the relationship and find open windows to sneak back into your life.

If You're not yet 100% committed to a relationship, then it's best to befriend more females, so you don't get too crazy over a relationship when it breaks apart. 

#2. Get Closer to her friends

Get closer to her friends

If you're really determined to get her back, then the best way to have a step in is through her friends.

Be nice to her friends, start by convincing them to act in your favour, then leave the rest to them. 

Women don't keep secrets and tell friends everything about you. If you get them on your side, you've one foot in.

#3. Become more successful in your life

Become more successful in your life

Women hate insecurities, they want to be secure in a relationship. No woman would like to be with an unhealthy guy who can't defend her, no money in his bank account, and has no dreams.

When she dumb you, she wants to go for someone better, whether financially, social status or health-wise. Show her she was wrong about you by upgrading, above standards she set for you.

Go to the gym and shed excess fat in your body, get those six packs, become financially independent, eat and live healthy, etc.

#4. Upgrade your looks and Leverage the power of social media

Upgrade your looks and leverage the power of social media

Most guys think it's the end of their world when a woman dumbs them. They end up neglecting their looks, health, and personal well being. 

On the contrary, look sharper than ever, upgrade your outfit and post only awesome pictures of you on social media. Don't attach provocating or insulting comments relating to her while posting. Just live your sweet life like she was never part of it.

Just post cute pictures of yourself doing something awesome or fun like swimming, traveling, skiing, with a harmless comment.referring to her.

Let her see you're doing much more better than she expected and moving on with your life. She'll regret her decision and search for open windows to crawl back into your life.

#5. Act like you don't care

Act like you don't care

Most women don't usually reciprocate the feelings and level of attraction that guys who chase them emit. Women who chased guys in a relationship value it more than women who were chased buy guys in a relationship. 

She expects you to come crawling back to her on your knees. But you can avoid this by not becoming too needy and available, do the unexpected then she'll be the one crawling back to you. Let her see you as a mysterious, and she'll definitely want to solve the mystery around you.

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