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Saturday, May 30, 2020

How To Quickly Spot A Gold DIgger

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I went to a party and saw this guy, he looked lost in his thoughts and was extremely quiet. It didn't take long for me to notice and ask: "what's up dude". 

He confined to me how his girlfriend dumped him just 1week after he took her out shopping. I asked why? And the reason was he failed to get her the gift she wanted for her birthday and got her another because he couldn't afford it. 

Listening to his story was sad because he had not yet realized that she was simply using him as her personal ATM machine. When the card got empty or didn't work as she needed it to, she threw it away and began searching for her new victim. 

Nothing good comes out from dating a gold digger. She has nothing to offer you (apart from sex which you can get anywhere) that will improve on your current state and well being.

Who's a "gold digger"? In simple language, a gold digger refers to a woman who's primary interest in a man is his money. She's not interested in how you look, or where you're from. All she's interested in is what you do, where you live, and how many figures you make each month.

So to help guys out there who still find themselves, victims of gold diggers, I've compiled a list of 6 ways you can use to spot a gold digger. Let's quickly blast the spotlight on the topic of interest without a waste of time.

1. Quickly Says Yes to A Relationship

Most women really take their time to analyze a man before saying yes to his advances. If she immediately says yes, then she is not interested in knowing a dam thing about you.

 She has her eyes focused on what you have to offer ($$$) rather than who you actually are. If she already knows your financial status or job title, she is going to make advances on you before you even approach her or say a word.

2. Weighing Your Assets

she weigh your assets

Within the early minutes or days of knowing her, she'll ask personal questions related to your financial capability.

 Some of the questions are: What do you do? Where do you work? Do you have a house of your own? How many cars do you own? How much do you make in a month? 

She wants to know whether you drive a luxury car or not, an expensive house or not, and how many figures you generate every month. If she's satisfied with her discovery, then she won't hesitate to make you feel she's into you.

All she cares is about your money and doesn't give a shit about you.

3. Expensive LifeStyle

She has an expensive life style

The most common trait of every gold-digger is the expensive lifestyle they can't afford. Women from poor backgrounds are more likely to be gold diggers than women from a rich background.

 This is because they have never tasted the rich life and so their appetite for this life is vast. 

When they begin using men for their money, it becomes a habit that later transforms into an addiction. And so gold-digging becomes a 24/7 job for them.

4. Constantly Nagging

Gold diggers are experts in the act of nagging. When you talk with her over the phone or come see her or ask for sex, she gives you the cold shoulders for nothing.

 She forms up this act simpy to push you to ask the million-dollar question, "what's wrong or what have I done". 

Next thing you know she's telling you stories how she hasn't paid her house rents because she loaned the money to a friend who is to pay her soon and who you'll probably never meet. This continuous every month and soon you earn up paying her bills every month.

5. Finds The Slightest Opportunity to wrap her Claws Around Your Neck

When a gold digger has found the ultimate jackpot, she will go to the extremes to make you her personal ATM for life. This involves forming fake stories and becoming dramatic, just to make you fall for her lies.

 In most cases, she prohibits you from using condoms during sex, as her excuse is that it makes her feel uncomfortable. These are just made up lies because she has a different agenda in mind.

Once she carries your child, she has her claws tight around your neck for life. She will use the money for child support on herself, and will constantly demand huge sums from you.  

6. Gives You Sex Only When You Fulfill Her Demands
A gold digger would use petty excuses to withhold sex from you until you meet up to her demands.

Whether it is buying her the latest iPhone, or paying her rents...

Once's you fulfill her requests, she would gladly offer sex to you as a reward.

You'll become dog, and her the master. Whatever directions she points the bone, you follow.

Being in a relationship with a gold digger is like constantly carrying a vampire bat that will suck you dry one day. If you think you're dating such a person, the best thing to do is to end the relationship before her claws grip you permanently.

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