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Friday, October 11, 2019

How To Get Rid of Bad Breath

How to get rid of Halitosis

Bad breath, also known as Halitosis can be caused by oral infections, foods, medications, dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, and tobacco-derived products. Halitosis can be very embarrassing and damage your self-esteem. 

It does not just affect you, but equally puts those around you in an uncomfortable situation. Imagine having to stand 2 meters away from someone before you feel comfortable speaking to him/her, imagine you can't kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend because of the unpleasant smell emitted from your mouth, or having to chew mints and gum all day just to keep your breath fresh. 

Bad breath can severely damage our social life and lead to depression. lets quickly see how this different state or factors can cause bad breath. 

Possible Causes of Halitosis

 Some foods that are likely to give us halitosis when we consume them include; onion, ginger, fish, cheese spicy foods, and other foods that cause gastritis (acid reflux). During acid reflux, gasses are forced out from the stomach to the esophagus, and finally mouth. This gas contains methane and trace quantities of hydrogen disulfide, which is responsible for the odor.

During cases of poor oral hygiene (when we fail to brush our mouth regularly), bacteria accumulate in the mouth feeding off on particles of food left out between the teeth and gums. As bacteria digest these food particles, they release gases such as hydrogen disulfide and methane which are responsible for the odor.

Dry mouth is another primary cause of mouth odor. water is capable of dissolving various substances, including these gasses that cause bad breath, therefore greatly reducing the concentration of these gasses in our mouth. In the absence of water, these gases are present in higher concentrations in our mouth and would be the cause of the odor.

Several medications used in treating allergies can lead to dry mouth (most allergy drugs hinder the production of mucus). This mucus (contains water and enzymes) helps to trap these gases that cause bad breath by dissolving them.

Smoking and consumption of other tobacco products causes bad breath. smoking leaves particles in our mouth that contain health harmful chemicals such as tar and nicotine. They cause mouth infections, cavities, and other gum diseases

What are the symptoms of bad breath?

Symptoms of Halitosis

Generally, it is very easy to know if you are suffering from halitosis or not. Those around you might even notice before you do and tell you, or start giving you the distance. The most common symptoms of bad breath are; unpleasant mouth odor, changes in mouth taste, dry mouth and usually a whitish coating of the tongue.

How can I manage bad breath?

How to manage halitosis

- Adopt regular healthy oral hygiene; Brush your teeth at list twice a day, use mouth wash. 
- upgrade to an electric toothbrush which is 300% more effective in removing food particles found in teeth.
- Avoid eating foods that may trigger bad breath, and cause acid reflux
- Drink more water than beverages
- Quit smoking or consuming tobacco products
- If the cause of bad breath is due to a disease or health problem such as acid reflux, soar throat, or oral infection, the underlying disease has to be curred.
- You can use mints or chewing gum to naturally mask the odor.

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