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Thursday, October 17, 2019

How to Build Up Muscle At Home Fast With this 7-Tips

I always dreamt of having awesome physic, but I never had enough cash to register in a gym. I almost lost hope about my dream until the day I met this guy who was actually my cousin.

 He had outstanding physic and was built like a professional bodybuilder. "Wow," I said to him and ask "which gym do you work at". He smiled and said, "I don't go to the gum cause I work at home". I was marveled because I didn't really think it was possible for someone to build such physic at home.

 I became so desperate to know his secret and what he was doing that others didn't. with time, I was able to learn about his techniques, and it totally changed my life

I am about to share with you his reveled secrets that actually worked on me and made my dream come true. If you would like to know about his strategy and achieve the physic of your dreams, then stick till the end

1. You must be determine

Be determined

Working out at home with limited to no equipment is not easy. you must be determined and make the decision to acquire athletic physic. 

if you are doing it for someone or borrowing someone else dream, then you'll surely give up along the way. Always have your objective in mind and remember the reason why you decided to start in the first place. 

if you are able to keep your goal in mind and overcome your negative or bad thoughts like; let me take this day off, I don't feel like doing anything today, am tired, then you will undoubtedly achieve your goal. some days you might not fill like doing anything, but always have your objective at heart.

2. Be Honest

be honest

You need to be honest with yourself and your schedule. if you are required to do 30 pushups, make sure you actually do it. stop giving yourself excuses because you'll simply find more reasons to quit. At the end of the day, if you're not honest you won't see the results.

Bodybuilding is like a relationship, you cannot cheat and expect it to work.

3. Look for an Inclined Surface

Look for an inclined surface

As a beginner, doing a lot of push-ups and reps might seem difficult in the beginning. 
look for an inclined surface like stairs to do push-ups. This significantly reduces the force of gravity exerted by your weight on your arms. you can start with very steep surfaces until when you become more comfortable doing it on a flat surface. 

Do wide arms push-ups to build your chest more, and close arm push-ups to build your biceps and triceps.

4. Download a FREE Workout App

download a free workout app

If you are just starting the workout at home, you might lack knowledge of the various exercise you need to be doing to give you the physic you desire. 

Workout apps provide you with a vast knowledge of different exercises that work different parts of your body. this is an essential tool for every homebody builder, and would definitely help you achieve results fast.

I personally use "six-packs in 30 days", "Legs workout-tighs and calves", and "30 days chest workout", which you can get from google play store for FREE

5. Find a Partner

find a partner

Sometimes, working out at home alone can be boring and demotivating. Unlike a gym where you experience that exciting atmosphere, it is the complete opposite at home. 

Finding a partner is a good motivation to help you continuously work out every day, especially if he/she is motivated as well. it could be your friend, a colleague or a family member. 

In my own case, i had few friends who were interested in bodybuilding, so i convinced my sisters to join me every single day.

6. Control your Diet

Control your diet

If you take in too many calories, they would be converted to fats and stored in your body. you need to reduce or avoid intake of fatty foods and carbohydrates, that kill results. 

Eat more vegetables, protein (proteins are not stored in the body, and when in excess they are destroyed through a process known as deamination) and most importantly drink a lot of water (not less than 2.5 liters a day). 

Avoid eating anything immediately before exercise (if not, you'll feel dizzy and heavy because your body is using a lot of energy to digest the food), and eat only after exercise.

7. Use your surroundings to your advantage

Use your surrounding to your advantage

When you work at home, you have little to no equipment at your disposal. you need to take advantage and make use of objects in your surroundings such as a Chair, gallon of water, or table as weights. 

Weight is weight, whether they are dumbbells, bumper plates or a chair. you need to be smart and make use of the objects around you to serve your purpose. To see more practical examples where you can use your surroundings to your advantage, watch the video HERE

No matter the situation you find yourself, there is always a solution. If there's is no solution, then there's no problem. 
Be positive and always keep your objective in mind. 

Tell us your home work out experience in the comment section below and feel free to add anything helpful that can improve home workout experience.

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