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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

5 ways to sustain a distance relationship

Surviving a distant relationship is a tough challenge couples might have to face. About 80% of distant relationships do not survive this phase. 

The more you physically be with someone, the more emotions are stored in the conscious part of our brain, and the greater the love. The opposite is true. 

when you spend little to no time with someone physically for long periods of time, emotions are been transferred to the short-term memory part of our brain and easily fade away. this is why you unconsciously forget about your lover bit by bit.

 The flames and excitement gradually die down as our minds become occupied by other activities such as work and family. And so if you want a distant relationship to work, you need to keep the flames burning continuously. 

Let's quickly dive down and see the different ways to make a distance relationship work.

1. Communication


communication is key in every relationship. without communication, there is no relationship. 

Always make sure to call every day, text or video chat. Keep your partner updated on what's happening like; where you're at, what you are doing, and how was work/school/your day.

 it would be best if you both can come up with a special time during the day where you get to talk together, say during break time or after work. 

This aspect should not be neglected in any relationship, for lack of communication can lead to assumptions, which is the number one killer of most relationships.

2. Organize visits to each other

Organize visits to each other

simply communicating over the phone is not enough. 

your boyfriend or girlfriend can be simultaneously communicating with several potential admires, but how you differentiate yourself with them is when you two meet up in person and get intimate regularly. this is what keeps the flame burning. 

Relationships without intimacy die down quickly and push couples to find other means to satisfy their urge for sex.

3. Always stay positive

Always stay positive

Being negative in a distance relationship fills your mind with worries and insecurities. 

if you are negative, you'll always think your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you or seeing someone else. 

You shouldn't always listen to what people say about your relationship, for not everyone carries your good at heart.

 Do your personal investigation before arriving at any conclusion or throwing blames at someone.

4. Send regular gifts to each other to hold on to

Send regular gifts to each other to hold on to

It is really important in a relationship that you actually care about your partner's emotional needs.

 one way to show you care in a distance relationship is through gifts and symbolic items. you can send her a teddy bear, or a matching couple's bracelet, and you can send him a jacket (with a customized message on it) or a wristwatch. 

you must not necessarily send any of the listed items, but what you think your partner would like. The item is not too important, what is important is the gesture!

5. Stay honest with each other

Stay honest with each other

If you can't be honest with each other in a distant relationship, then you're probably wasting your time. 

you need to be honest about not just your emotions and feelings but your life as well. Relationships should not just be entirely based on intimacy, but companionship and love.

 If you are in a relationship just because of sex, then you'll certainly search for it elsewhere once your partner is out on a trip or temporarily unavailable.

This are the most important attributes to consider in order to maintain a distance relationship. Thank you for sticking around till the end, and please tell us what you think, share your story or add something you think we omitted in the comment section below!

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