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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Possible Reasons Why Men Can Be Naturally Polygamous

A man with several women around him

Polygamy refers to the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. In the past, seeing men with multiple women or wives was very common, especially in the African societies among-st chiefs and nobles. 

Even in Biblical history during the days of Moses, when a man dies his wife was automatically betrothed to his brother as a new wife.

 But today, modern psychology is rapidly spreading across the globe as old psychology and beliefs are rapidly fading.

 Fewer couples are signing in for polygamy, as it is now a “taboo” in Christian Religion. For every 1000 men, 10 men would become a polygamist. 

This number varies from place to place depending on Religion, Culture State law, and Beliefs. In every man, there is a natural desire to date and be with multiple women. 

This feeling is experienced by every man in his lifetime but most times men let this feeling control them rather than them controlling it. We would look at 5 possible reasons why men can be polygamous. 

But before I continue I would like to emphasize that the objective of this post is NOT TO PROMOTE POLYGAMY but simply research on possible reasons why men feel the urge to become a polygamist.

Human Sex Ratio (male: female)
The human sex ratio refers to the ratio of males to females in a particular population. In most regions of the world such as North/South America, Europe and some parts of Africa, there are more females than male. 

Males have a higher mortality rate than females because of factors such as dangerous occupations (mining) and wars etc. This in-balance in the human sex ratio causes more women to be single, increasing the demand and value of men. 

More women tend to pursue one man at a time, which stimulates their natural polygamist instinct since they believe they alternative choices.

Men Seek Sex for Physical Pleasure rather than Emotional Gratification
 I won’t say this is certain for every man but the majority. This is because men do have a stronger sexual urge and appeal than women. 

The average normal man thinks about sex 2x more than women do. A man will likely get a new woman if the previous cannot satisfy him sexually. 

This is obvious for am sure women have been told about the 3 things to keep a man which are;
* Good Food
* Good Sex
* Better Sex

In Search of Gold Trophies to Tell Their Buddies
Gold trophies hanging on the wall

Men prefer dumping women rather than the reverse. Every man needs an adventure to tell his buddies. The more the adventure (trophies) the more praises he gets. 

The number of Gold Trophies (women they were able to conquer successfully) they acquire is a reflection of their masculinity. Those who are unable to tell stories are neglected, mocked and considered not FUN to hang out with. 

This is natural amongst men especially if they they come a long way...

Social Status
Man with several women standing around himMan with several women standing around him

This is most common within African society. Men with high social status such as chiefs and Fons are required to marry more than one woman. This is highly influenced by culture and traditional beliefs which is still in existence today. 

During the process of reproduction, gene materials (chromosomes) from the father and mother are passed to their offspring. This is possible through Random variation of genes.

 A child born in a polygamous family is more likely to become a polygamist in the future than another child born in a monogamous family.

Our traits (likes, dislikes and physical characteristics) are transmitted to our offspring’s and today some men find themselves comfortable being a polygamist whereas it was inherited from their predecessors.

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