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Monday, March 11, 2019

How To Build A Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship refers to a relationship in which both parties (couples) find comfort, pleasure happiness and self-actualization (best of yourself) together. 

A relationship can either add to or take away value from your life. A bad relationship is ruinous and detrimental career/health-wise, why a healthy relationship is good and prosperous. 

If you are in a relationship and it takes away value from you or you are not happy at all and don't feel comfortable rather than the opposite, then you need to review your relationship whether or not to continue with it. 

You might equally be in an unhealthy relationship, but still can’t let go or put an end to the relationship, then you need to stick around in order to change your relationship status from unhealthy to healthy. 

In order to build a healthy relationship, you must work on 10 major aspects which include;

communicate more with your partner

Communication is the Basic key in every relationship. Without communication, there is no relationship.

Being in a relationship equally means knowing what is happening in each other’s lives, whether it is work, family, friends or career. 

Engage in constructive talks and discussions with her each time you are together and always be ready to listen to what she has to say.


invest in your relationship

It is said that he who invests him/her self, less in a relationship, holds the key to the relationship. 

You should be ready to put in time and effort into the relationship to make it work, no matter how small it is for every action counts. 

Know when a partner is free or available for you would be more likely to have their undivided attention.

learn to compromise

Every individual is unique in his/her own way. What you may like or love might not necessarily interest me, but this is what makes us unique and who we are. 

If you are or willing to engage in a relationship, you should be ready to accept their interests, likes, and passion of your partner whether or not you find it interesting. 

love is all about sacrificing for those we care for and there is nothing as romantic as Love itself. 


Get intimate regularly

Intimacy might not necessarily mean sex, but simply spending quality time together. 

It can be a romantic date, outing or any fun activity that involves only both of you. Do this regularly for it keeps the flames burning.


Have discussions and not fights

It is normal for couples to have misunderstandings and disagreements. But don’t let things escalate to physical confrontations between you two. 

Show respect for your partner and always try to listen to his/her ideas before concluding. 


trust each other

This is equally one of the basic keys in every relationship. 

Without trust, there is no relationship. Trust your lover and don’t believe anything anyone tells you, without doing your own personal investigation.


keep your personal space

Even though you are in a relationship, you should have your personal space to build up your career. 

Don’t be stuck together every single time with your boyfriend/girlfriend. At a point, things might get boring.


make joint decision making

As a couple, decisions are not only entitled to a single person. They should be taken together especially if it will affect your well being together.

 In most relationships, conflicts usually arise from one party taking important decisions without consulting the partner all the time. 

Joint decision making promotes the spirit of partnership and togetherness.


Be Honest

Be truthful to your lover. Don’t give them any reason to doubt you. 

Let your lover know what is happening in your life at any given moment without bending or twisting the story. 

Honesty and trust are the foundation of every healthy relationship.


Don't make little things big

 We all have to learn how to let go of small or minor issues. No one is flawless, but we should be able to manage our neighbor’s flaws for sometimes it is part of them. 

Do not carry an issue that could be simply solved on simple grounds to be a different thing. We should learn to confine our disagreements only between couples.  


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