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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

15 Subtle Signs That Tell A Woman Is Into You

You meet this gorgeous woman that caught your interest. She's beautiful, elegant and just the kind of woman you're searching for. But she's not contributing to the conversation a lot. She can be cold and hot with you. Whenever you have a date, she either cancels at the last minute or tells you she has a tight schedule. She ghosts you for a while and comes back into your life like nothing happen.

Now you getting confused about her feelings for you. You don't know if she likes you but is simply testing you, or you've been friend-zoned again, or she just isn't interested in a relationship with you.

Sometimes, guys really find it difficult to accurately determine whether or not a woman is into him especially young guys because they have little experience with women. A woman would hardly approach a man directly and confess her feelings to him. Rather she would transmit subtle signs to you, which signifies she's into you. You might have experienced a couple of these signs, but never knew she was indirectly passing a message to you. And so you ignored them without knowing what they actually meant. Suddenly, she lost interest and stopped hanging around you, without giving you any explanation of why she's suddenly cold.

Just to share a little story of mine with you before we check out these subtle signs. During my second year of my bachelor's degree, I had interest in this pretty lady whose name I can't mention for certain reasons. The feeling was reciprocal, but pretty woman hardly confess their feelings first to a guy. So even though she always walked with me back home and showed me most of these signs we'll soon talk about, I still doubted, because I always had a stupid reason not to approach her. I was living in my comfortable shell, where women approached, and not I doing the approaching without knowing that it quickly turned me into a coward and I always ended up In a relationship with women I never wanted.

With time I decided to break out from my shell and live a life without fear. If I can help you today break out from your shell, still holding you back in your social life, then I'll be most delighted 

Without further ado, let's check out 15 subtle signs that tell a woman likes you

 1. Eye Contact

This is one of the most obvious and common things girls do when she's into you. She would stare at you for longer periods of time than normal especially when you are facing or walking her direction. Women stare at their crush because they want your attention and are indirectly inviting you to come over and say hi. If you notice her staring at you, then it's a solid sign she's into you. In the absence of any physical barrier walk up to her and say hi. Start the conversation with a joke like "I think caught you staring at me!", and let the rest of the conversation flow naturally.

2. Physical Contact

When a woman is into you, she would always find the slightest opportunity to touch you. This touches can be very technical like; after telling her a funny joke she hits you on shoulder or arm, she always tries to lean on you, tries to dust off your shirt or removes particles from your hair...  

when two people of the opposite sex come in touch, it creates stimulation and excitement. Women would do anything to touch their crush because they want to have this feeling of stimulation and excitement, especially if she has already made out with you in her mind.


3. Laughs at whatever Joke You Make

This is also a very common aspect amongst women when they are around their crush. They would laugh at whatever you say whether it is funny or not. Sometimes they don’t even realize that they are laughing at everything you say and do this unconsciously. 

4. Leg/Body Position

Look at her body and leg position. If she likes you, she will always face you and lean towards your direction in order to give you all her attention. But this a not a solid sign because she might simply be over-friendly with you.

5. Replies To Your Text Messages Fast

Women are so glued to their phones that sometimes they can’t pass an hour without it. They receive a series of text messages from their friends, family, and other guys asking her out. A woman won't want to keep her crush waiting and reply to them as soon as possible. if she doesn’t like you, she would likely not reply instantly and might even take days, because she doesn't really care. It is also possible that she likes you, but isn't replying immediately intentionally, because she wants to test you and see how you handle rejection.

So in most cases, this might not be a solid sign to base your conclusion.

6. She Creates Time For You

If a woman is into you, she’ll always create quality time to spend with you and use her free time to see or call you, even if it’s just to say hello. But if she isn’t into you, she’ll probably always tell you she’s busy or she can’t make it.

  7. She Hugs You Longer Than Normal 

In our modern society, a hug is something normal and might not necessarily mean she’s into you. But if she hugs you in a certain way, or hugs you longer than normal then she's into you. Check out our previous post here on 13 different types of hugs and what they actually mean

. 8. She Smiles At You When You Look At Her

This is a good sign she’s into you. Why does she smile at you? Smiling makes her look more attractive to you, which focuses your thoughts and attention on her. So guys if she smiles at you, give her your charming sweet smile in return.

9. She Plays With Her Hair

She might be doing it unconsciously, or consciously to look more attractive in your sight and captivate your attention. According to Biology, Pre-historic/cavewomen did this to release pheromones and attract other males.

10. She Invites You To Meet Her Friends

One of the most important groups of people that influence a woman's love/dating life is her friends and family. They always tell their friends about their crush and any potential partners they have in mind. If she's into you, she'll invite you to meet her friends, because she wants their opinion about you. Her friend's opinion about you counts a lot and should not be taken for granted. If she invites you to meet her friends, you would want to earn their trust and engage in interesting conversations. 

11. She Opens To You About Her Personal Life And Experience

Getting to know each other’s past and the background is an important aspect of every potential relationship. If she opens to you about her personal life, past, experiences, and family then she’s into you. Sometimes, she might just tell you basic stuff about her because you two are just friends. But if she tells you about secrets and intense stuff, then she's definitely into you.

12. She Invites You To Her Personal Space

When a woman invites you to her personal space like her house or her bedroom, then she is really comfortable with you and loves having you around. In some cases, she might see you as a friend to hang around with. look for other subtle signs we mentioned earlier

13. She Enters Your Personal Space

If a woman willingly enters your personal space which can be your house or bedroom, then she really wants to be around you and feels comfortable with you. It might be on a date, special occasions or just to say hi. Chances are she is into you.

14. Her Voice Changes Around You

This is one of the most common sign languages women display, around their crush. They would adopt a low and soft tune/pitch voice in order to sound more humble, fragile and attractive to their crush. If she does this each time she speaks to you, then she’s into you. In some cases, women might change their voices while talking to you simply because they want a favor from you and not because they are into you. And so you should know when she's into you, or she wants something from you.

15. She Texts/write You All The Time

She always anticipates when next she'll get to see you or talk to you. Even when you're not around, she thinks about you constantly. So she always texts you first, and texts you several times to check on you, what you're doing, and what are your plans for the day. Check out 14 signs a woman is into you over text

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