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Saturday, February 16, 2019

12 Studies About Women Every Man Should Know

There exist Some facts about women that are related to their physiology and psychology. some of these facts you've never heard before but they do happen sometimes at an unconscious level. Lets quickly discover the 12 studies about women that men should know

1. Women with Larger Brest are More Sexually Active than women with Smaller Brest

I know guys this is kind of weird and funny but it is true. The reason for this is that women with large Brest feel more confident of themselves as opposed to those with smaller Brest. women with small Brest feel more shy and nervous as compared to those with large Brest. Think about all the women you know or have met that fall within these two categories (those with small Brest and those with large Brest) and examine their love or sexual life and compare the difference.  If your woman feels uncomfortable about her body, never stop encouraging and show her the beauty she fails to see.

2. Women do watch more porn on their phones than men

The topic of who watches porn more, men or women? Has been a global debate. In the past, it was believed that men do watch porn more than women. But recently, it has been proven that women do watch porn more than men with the highest female porn traffic coming from South Africa, followed by the USA. To get more information and statistics from THE DROP Official YouTube channel. This information is not to condemn women NO! But simply proves that women are more open to talking about sex and sexuality than we think. men often think that talking about sex with women makes you a pervert, but that’s not usually the case. Don’t sound too weird while talking about sex with a woman and you need to pick out the right moment to talk about it.

3. Women Prefer naturally, healthy good looking men than More Muscular men on Steroids.

Men have always had the belief that to get women attracted to you, you must get those six-packs or big arms. living on steroids just to impress the ladies isn't the best life for you. It can cause more harm to your body than you think especially if used in the wrong way. muscules definitely gets more ladies attracted to you but there is a difference between attraction and desire. The natural-looking guy has more chance of selection over other guys living on steroids. See what ladies say from this survey conducted by Adrian Gee.  Focus on working out your muscle at the gym(which is healthy) alongside developing our personality, and career.

4. It takes The Average Woman about 20 minutes to reach Orgasm

During sex, most men focus on satisfying just their sexual urge and forget about their woman's needs. It takes the average man about 10 minutes to reach orgasm, while 20 minutes for women. That's twice more time women need than men to attain orgasm. First aim to satisfy your woman before yourself. Women love good sex and will be with men who are able to satisfy their sexual urge. 

5. Size Doesn’t Matter
95% of men compare the size of their sexual organs with their buddies. Funny because I am pretty sure every man has done this at list once in their lives. women are attracted to guys with huge dicks but desire them just for one night stands. The average length of a vagina is about 9.6cm, according to the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Even though the vagina is expandable, a guy with a size of about 10cm would likely hit her cervical wall delivering pain and not pleasure. So Size doesn’t matter, but what matters is how you use it!

6. Women Desire men that can take Decisions and speak for themselves
Women expect men to be objective, know what they are doing, heading to, what they want in life and have future plans. Don’t ignore decisions you are supposed to take as a man, or she might lose her desire for you!

7. Women Desire a Partner, a listener, and a Best Friend

An issue or topic that could be said in 2 mins by a man can be said in 30 mins by a woman. Generally, men don’t have the patience to sustain long discussions and do lose focus after about 5 mins. But it’s just how men are wired. Men need to put in more energy and effort. If you're busy, just spare her some time and listen to what she has to say! 

8. Women need Reassurance they are constantly Loved

Women in relationships do counter doubts about whether or not they are still loved. The most appropriate and romantic way to take away this doubt is by giving her quality time. Nobody is too busy to do things right, it might just be 30 mins of your time every day to say hi and ask about her day. This way, women tend to feel constantly loved and wipes away doubt from her mind.

9. Women Never Forget about the past

It is common for men to have misunderstandings or a fight right now and 10 mins later they are back together as if nothing happened. But for women, it's totally different. If a woman has a disagreement or fight, this might just be the end of their relationship and only in very rare cases would they reconcile. Women are likely to bring up the past during misunderstandings or issues you had a long time ago. Don't condemn her but keep on telling her you are sorry, even if you were not on the wrong.

10. Women want to feel Beautiful through clothing and accessories

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Think of it this way, if there were no men in the world, do you think women would make up every morning before going out? I probably don't think so! They love the compliments they receive and want to keep it flowing. So give her as many compliments as she deserves.

11. For Women, Sex Is About Emotional Connection and Not Physical Pleasure

If sex were just physical pleasure for women like it is for most men, then men wouldn’t have to go through a long procedure (pampering, complementing and caressing) to have sex. Relationships would be more direct and they'll probably jump straight to business. In a day, men think of sex about 30-50 times, while women think of it about 10 times. 

 12. Women are better in multitasking than men

It’s incredible how women can handle several activities simultaneously, unlike men who tackle one task at a time. Men don’t relate the things they do or see, and isolate every task from each other in a separate compartment. When watching an emotional movie with a woman, she’ll relate it to other people's lives and experiences and this makes them sad and sometimes cry. Men see it as entertainment and nothing else.  A woman can cook, at the same time setting the table while dressing kids for school and so much more. This is one of women's superpower, but men shouldn't take advantage of this. Raising a family is 50/50 


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