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10 Habits That Could Possibly Destroy A Man

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10 Habits That Could Possibly Destroy A Man
Image by Comfreak from Pixabay 

Being a man comes with lots of responsibilities and expectations from our family, friends, and society. We are required to be successful, and sometimes carry the whole weight of our families on our shoulders.

Greatness, self-actualization, fame, hard work, innovation, success, confidence, financial-freedom, triumphant, victorious... are basically what every man is chasing throughout the course of his life.

 But along the course of this hard and ruthless journey where only the brave and tenacious make it to the top, some men end up falling in toxic habits that end up destroying them, rather than elevating them.

Have a good look around you, and you'll notice men who are regarded as failures displaying one or more of these toxic habits. It first began with a harmless desire to try out what the neighbor next door is doing.

From a harmless desire, it transformed into addiction and ended up becoming a habit. It takes about 21 days for and individual to develop a habit.

Before we look at the 10 habits that could possibly destroy a man, let's examine the word failure.

How do you define failure?

The average man would define failure as trying without succeeding. Do you think am right? After all, when people fail once they'll never try again and move to something safer right?

Churchill and Edison defined success as;

 “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”― Winston S. Churchill 

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”― Thomas A. Edison

And so failure doesn't come from stumbling once or twice or thrice... and so on but actually giving up on the journey. My definition of failure goes this way "failure is the act of laying down the fight/struggle to success or a goal".

As you go through your own struggle in life, always remember that;

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”― Truman Capote

With that being said, let's look at 10 habits that could destroy a man:

1. Chasing Women

Most of you probably didn't think that chasing women is a habit. But what's a habit? A habit refers to a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Going to the club every weekend to pick up women is a habit, hanging around recreational areas like parks every day to pick up women is a habit, sitting in bars and restaurants every night to pick up women is a habit.

And sadly, these are habits low-value men display. If you have time to do any of the things mentioned above, then you're certainly not on your purpose and grinding. Because if so, then you know every second counts.

Firstly, chasing women ruins you financially. In one of my previous posts, I talked about how being with the wrong woman can ruin you in every possible way (Click the link to read it: 4 Things That Gets The Average Man Into The Rat Race).

Being with a woman is a Budget, and chasing women is a big liability to you all your life. Chasing women comes with its own expenditures and financial inconveniences to you.

It was discovered in a study that men would spend an average of $6 million on a single woman for a period of 16years.

Imagine if you could just save half of this money and invest it. It would be enough to take you through your retirement.

Secondly, chasing women takes away your purpose from you. If Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or one of my favorite writers Robert Kiyosaki decided to chase women in their twenties or thirties, do you think they would be where they are today?

Yes, i do write about relationships, but the purpose of the knowledge is not for you to be the king of chasing and conquering women NO!, but to help you make better choices and decisions in your dating life, without it being a toxic substance in your life.

Yes, it's ok to go after what you want, but you must learn to give women the opportunity to decide to come into your life on her own. After all, you are the price because you are capable of changing her life in an instant, therefore behave like a price she needs to earn, and not get for free with the twink of her fingers.

Your focus should be your goals, ambitions, and dreams, and you'll definitely meet high-quality women along your journey that would come your way. Going to the club to meet women all the time will do you no good because the majority of these women are promiscuous and would only put you through emotional rollercoasters. 

2. Reckless Drinking

10 Habits That Could Possibly Destroy A Man

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay 

The constant intake of alcohol in high quantities does more harm to your system than you could probably imagine.

Your biggest assets in life are your health and time. Once lost can never be recovered.

It is a common aspect for men to compete amongst themselves for who can drink more, and it's mostly common among teenagers. Excessive drinking damages your health, and without good health you become unproductive.

Some of the adverse effects of alcohol on the body are;

- Reduced Stamina

- Reduced mental performance

- Memory loss

- Liver damage

- Weakens your immune system

- Higher chances of developing cardiovascular diseases

- Sexual dysfunction (inability to get an erection or last long in bed)

- Diabetes treatment complications...etc

I remember in the past whenever I took a bottle of alcohol, the next day I'll fell like throwing up and lose about half of my stamina during training or a match (i play football very often).

I tried to stop drinking in the past but most of my friends didn't like the resolution. I was called weak, a woman, a chicken, and sometimes we'll run into serious arguments whenever I took something light or non-alcoholic.

Because from where I come from, there's a mentality that a woman shouldn't drink more than a man in a gathering. And so to prove your manhood you must drink more than she does to maintain status. Sounds dumb but that's actually a mentality some men have.

Was it hard for me to stop? Yes, it was but just at the beginning. As I got smarter and soon felt the impact alcohol had on me especially during games because I do a lot of sports, I decided to stop drinking

Whosoever judges me based on my decision, I don't give a f...k about them because I don't seek external validation. Most of these people who judge you have no dreams or aspirations, and live their life guided by the wind. Wherever it blows, they simply follow.

And today I am able to perform better with a laser-like focus in any activity I engage in, whether physical or mental. 

My only advice is not to let anyone force their perspective of life on you. Know what you want and learn how to achieve it even if it means sacrificing things that actually cause harm than good to you.

If you feel like you can't stop drinking, you can discipline yourself by knowing your limits, and not taking in more what you can handle. You don't need to prove anything to anyone.

3. Doing Drugs

10 Habits That Could Possibly Destroy A Man

Image by Лечение Наркомании from Pixabay 

Just as alcohol, drugs have a devastating effect on your health. How many artists or famous musicians have you heard of that died of drug abuse?

These drugs might elevate your mood, but just for a short while. And drug abuse might be more damaging to your health than alcohol.

Remember that good health is your greatest asset followed by time. Once you start doing drugs or get an addiction, you damage your health which shortens your time as well as achievements.

My advice is to stay away from drugs especially when you are young because then you are more productive.

4. Lack of Exercise

10 Habits That Could Possibly Destroy A Man
Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay 

The main cause of lack of exercise is obesity, cardiovascular diseases, low stamina (even in bed), depression, and low drive.

Being healthy and fit is optimum for you to be able to live a better life. You don't need to pump yourself on steroids or artificial hormones to get and outstanding physic.

Just going to the gym at list 3 times a week for 30 minutes is enough to develop good physic. As for me during this period of lockdown, I've got dumbells which I exercise with, and I play football regularly.

Moreover, practicing more exercises makes you feel better about yourself, which boosts your confidence in your everyday life.

The more confident you are, the more willing you are to try new things, and get out of your comfort zone to pursue your goals, dreams, ambitions.

5. Keeping bad Company

Bad company sucks away your joy, happiness, and motivation in life. They don't care about you and put themselves first in everything.

How you know you are keeping a bad or toxic company is when they always try to impose their way of life on you. They don't care if you'll actually get hurt at the end and suck up the best from you.

They are never happy when they see you going ahead in life, and want to be above you. Because they enjoy feeling superior to you and bossing you around.

They always want to control you and have things go their way, rather than yours. In the end, they always play the role of the victim and never accept their mistakes while making you feel like the bad guy.

Bad company would always discourage you from pursuing your dreams, goals, and aspirations saying "It won't work". They will tell you your ideas are trash and a waste of time and money.

If you wish to advance in life, you must first get rid of bad company in your life, because it's so easy for them to influence you with their toxic mentality.


6. Low Determination

Having a low drive and determination can be harmful to your dreams and aspirations in every possible way. Not being competitive in your workplace and going after opportunities that come your way would keep you at the same spot.

It's true that in life one should seek corporation rather than competition, but at a personal level, you need to be self-competitive with the goal of ameliorating yourself as a person.

Focus on the price that keeps you awake each night for hours working on your goal and visualize yourself at the finish line celebrating and crying in joy.

You'll feel a flame and strong drive within you that wakes you up every day and night pushing you to put in more time and effort to get to the finish line.

7. Blaming others for your misfortunes

There's a Chinese proverb that goes;

"He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey. He who blames himself is halfway there. He who blames no one has arrived" - Chinese Proverb.

Basically how I understand this proverb is that blaming others means you've learned nothing from your journey and are unable to handle failures, blaming your self means you have a good sense of responsibility and wish to become better at handling them, and blaming no one means you've accepted the fact that errors/mistakes are bound to occur yet stand firm in the midst of adversity.

Notice how most unsuccessful people who are always on the same spot blame everyone for their failures except themselves.

They look at their surroundings as defaulted and think they know it all. Thinking you know it all actually makes you look stupid because you're learning nothing new and might be harboring outdated knowledge.

We live in a world where the only constant factor in the universe is change. You can either become a product of change, or a victim of change.

To grow as a person you must accept criticism not reacting in an adverse way but examining yourself and improving at the right pace.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”― Socrates

8. Refusing to Let Go

Not letting go of the past or a previous memory/experience that led to a profound adverse effect on you could easily ruin you.

These memories keep you depressed and locked up in the past thinking and reliving the incident every day.

It might be a relationship that never ended well, a business that failed, someone you lost, or an accident you had. Regardless, not letting go means you live in the past for the rest of your life and don't progress at all.

Learn to let go of every bad memory you have, and hold on to the good ones, because they will keep on your feet each time you get swiped off by a storm.

9. Inability to control your emotions

10 Habits That Could Possibly Destroy A Man

Image by Goumbik from Pixabay 

Your inability to control your emotions would always make you regret your decisions at the end.

Lashing out on people or in a relationship whenever they get on your bad side or becoming violent whenever you get provoked would always place you in difficult situations.

As a man, you need to be stoic and give out no emotions. No need to fight back or exchange fists when provoked. Because the best way to respond to any provocation is to do nothing, and simply walk away.

Yes, you might be the one who is right, but you don't need to prove a point to someone who shows stubbornness in leaving his/her ignorance.

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”― Ambrose Bierce

10. Procrastination

Procrastination usually comes from having a low drive and determination to do something.

Using words like I will, I shall... simply means that you'll probably never do it. Unambitious men constantly procrastinate, that's why they never get things done and remain in their comfort zone.

Split a goal/objective into smaller tasks that you can complete every day. And so you won't easily get overwhelmed by the colossal work and effort required to be put in.

I hope you enjoyed reading this piece of article and learned something from it. Please share with your friends and family if you found this article interesting and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on fresh new content in the future. Thanks!

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6 Tips To Avoid Being Clingy In A Relationship

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6 Tips To Avoid Being Clingy In A Relationship
6 Tips To Avoid Being Clingy In A Relationship

Love brings us joy, happiness, stability and so many positive things you can think about.

The idea of falling in love can seem magical to the mind. When we fall in love with someone we deeply appreciate, we wish to spend the rest of our days with that special one.

But in reality, there is a thin line between wanting to spend the rest of your days with your partner and being clingy.

The more your partner feels clinginess in the relationship, the more they want to get away from you. Clingyness is a repulsive trait, and sometimes you can be clingy without actually realizing it.

When do you know you are clingy? You become clingy in a relationship when you;

- You continuously ditch your personal life and interests to constantly be with your partner

- You freak out and assume the worst whenever you don't get a reply from your partner, hence you double/triple text...

- You pry on their social media accounts

- You always try to tag along each time they are going somewhere and get angry if they say no

- You hang around their workplace or favorite spots just to bump into them.

Basically, if you show one or more of these signs in your relationship, then you're definitely clingy and need to step back for a moment before it's too late.

Back to our subject, which is tips to avoid being clingy in a relationship. I'll share 6 tips with you to help you avoid being clingy in your relationship 

Tip no1: She doesn't belong to you, it's just your turn

I get it, having a little sense of belonging to each other is quite cute and romantic in a relationship.

But the moment you become possessive over a woman, you start developing a clingy behavior. That's because you'll be constantly trying to monitor her every movement and the people she's hanging out with.

Yes, you bought her expensive gifts, paid her rents, and took her to one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Still, the fact that she said yes to everything you handed over to her doesn't mean she belongs to you.

Don't think you can buy her with stuff, or spending time her constantly because it won't work.

Once you understand the fact that she doesn't belong to you or anyone, you'll know when to lay back and let her come to you if she really wants to be with you.

Tip no2: Get busy on your goals.

You need to set your priorities in life, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Yes, the relationship might be important, so as your work, career, goals, and dreams...

The moment you give her priority over everything in your life, you lose your purpose in life and lower your value before her and society. That's because you're the guy that comes running each time she calls.

It's quite normal for you to make certain sacrifices and commitments to make the relationship work.

But once you sacrifice your entire life, you lower your value, self-esteem, and confidence. You'll definitely become a clingy partner in the relationship.

Tip no3: Don't get too emotional

As a man, it's necessary for you to be able to control your emotions.

Once you get overwhelmed by your feelings in a relationship you no longer think straight.

You might be saying to yourself "I just want to show the depths of my love", but you don't realize when it's time for you to step back and give her personal space.

Yes, love makes you grow wings, but even birds know when to fly and when to walk. Control your emotions and you can control your actions while avoiding clinginess. 

Tip no4: Don't stop hanging out with your friends because you are in a relationship

I once had a close friend who stopped hanging out with me frequently once he got into a relationship. Few weeks of being in a relationship, they moved to one apartment. 

They really seemed like they were crazy in love with each other. But months later, the relationship became exhausting for him and ended in bad terms.

I get it that being in love makes you do certain things, but ditching "boys time" and certain healthy activities like soccer, the gym, biking...etc get you exhausted in your relationship fast.

Moreover, seeing your partner every day eliminates the element of imagination. She has no time to think of you and actually miss you, or anticipate spending time with you. This equally exhausts the love she has for you fast.

Tip no5: Have options in your dating life

The average woman has a minimum of 3 dating options in her life. Having dating options lays your mind off a single woman for long periods of time.

If she doesn't write you back or shows the same interest, then you don't need to double text or chase her all over the place.

If you have dating options, you won't go after girls that don't show the same level of interest towards you.

This avoids clinginess and prevents you from continuously pursuing women who don't show similar interest in you.

Tip no6: Be autonomous

Autonomy is simply a fancy word that means independence, freedom, or self-governance. 

It is quite normal and healthy to have each others back in a relationship, but once you become dependant on your partner to take every decision in your place, or constantly provide for you, then it is a sign of clinginess.

Whether it means deciding which dress to put on, or which restaurant to eat at.

You need to have a real-life outside your relationship, where you are your own boss and are capable of making your own decisions and providing for yourself.

Clinginess equals to dependency. You might not necessarily be dependant on your partner for materialistic things, but emotional dependency and validation.

The more you are dependant on your partner, the more you become clingy and the less dependant you are on your partner, the less clingy you become.

Also Read: 6 major signs that tell you are clingy in a relationship

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Why Do Women Try To Make You Get Jealous?

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Why Do Women Try To Make You Get Jealous In A Relationship?
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay 

Getting into a relationship with a woman is never the end of the road. There's always going to be certain behavior patterns you won't understand.

Some guys think that's it, I've got her for good. But the truth is actually far from that. 

You've got to understand how women operate. Women are never direct with you when they want to find out how you feel about them.

If a woman is into you, and she wants to know whether or not the feeling is reciprocal, she'll hardly come straight to you and ask you in the face or reveal her feelings to you.

Because they're not simply good at handling rejection unlike men who get it every day.

In fact, only about 1 in 10 women would approach you directly and reveal her feelings to you.

Women are the kings of baiters! That's how she'll workaround to get an answer to her question without you actually knowing her intentions.

If a woman is into you and wants to know if the feeling is reciprocal without you knowing her true intentions, she'll bait you.

Once you bite, she's got the answers she needed, and you won't even realize what her true intentions were.

One way she baits you is that she tries to make you jealous. The manner in which you respond to the bait lets her know if you like her, and how deep the feeling is compared to hers.

A good example, she starts telling you how other guys are asking her out, getting her flowers or doing stuff for her...

The normal natural reaction if you like her would be to confess your feelings to her so that you don't get left out, or start doing/getting stuff for her so as to take off her attention from other men and keep it for yourself.

That's how a guy who doesn't know what the fuc..k is going on would react. Now let me give you a fact about women you should never forget, listen closely!

If a woman gets close to you and tells you about other men doing stuff for her and asking her out, then it's either a lie or they're all low-value men hitting her DM that she has no interest in. I'll explain in a moment...

She's telling you about all these men, but never actually meets up with them or gets into a relationship with any of them. See women want relationships while men want sex first.

When she comes across a high-value man, she won't have the time to tell you about it, you just discover on your own she's in a relationship. And that's it, she doesn't give you any explanations or asks for your opinion.

This would only apply if she never made it known to you in the past that she strictly wants to be just friends with you and isn't interested in a relationship (that's if you got friend-zoned).

If not, it's all bait for her to test you. If you overreact to her bait and chase her, then she knows "this dude really likes me, I don't need to do a dam thing to get his attention or make him love me"

And by you chasing her, she gets the power over you to decide whether or not she wants to be in a relationship with you. She'll eventually get turned-off or lose interest she had in you because you were just an easy catch like the rest.

One week after being in a relationship with this girl, she travels back to see her parents, as we all attended the same university in the past.

She comes back and suddenly her mood isn't like it was before she left. Am like ok what's going on? She says she's had suitors coming to her home seeking a long-term relationship like marriage or something in between.

She equally said one of them brings her gifts and stuff, and she admits to my face that she's beginning to like him. I stare at her and am confused all of a sudden. where did all this suddenly come from?

The way our relationship all began was that we hooked up a couple of times and she later came out to me that she wants something serious like a relationship and I were ok with it.

But by that time I didn't know how to react. Should I beg her to stay with me and forget all these dudes or should I do more stuff for her so she sees I like her more than the rest?

But at that time I was 20 and she was the same age, but I never saw the need to assure any woman in my life with marriage, or total commitment because I prioritize more important things like my goals, career...etc

And so all I said was, "cool if you love this guy and think you want something serious that would definitely lead to marriage, then fine go ahead with him". That's all I said and she never said anything back, neither did i.

She left and days later things went to normal. She came back and never did she bring up the topic again, neither did i. Now I realize it was her way of trying to know how deep or crazy I was over her. And trust me, every woman wants to know how deep her man actually loves her.

But since I gave out no reaction, she couldn't figure out what was going on in my mind. And so there was always an aura of mystery in the relationship.

It might have been a similar situation that occurred in your life where a woman baited you and you reacted. How did things go after that? not well I presume...

Never react to a woman's bait, always remain mysterious. If she comes at you remain calm and reply her with silence. If she wants to be with you then she'll stick with you at the end, if not keep in mind that she's not yours and move on with your life.

Once she knows she's more attracted to you than you are, you've just inversed the roles. She'll be the one putting in more effort in the relationship to make it work and make you fall in love with her.

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4 Things that Gets The Average Man Into The Rat Race

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4 Things that Gets The Average Man Into The Rat Race
Image by lannyboy89 from Pixabay 

The rat race is a common term used to describe a frustrating, stagnant, and ever continuous financial struggle.

According to Wikipedia, ‘the rat race refers to an endless, self-defeating, or pointless, pursuit which equates humans to rats attempting to earn a reward such as cheese, in vain. It also refers to a competitive struggle to get ahead financially or routinely.’

Like the rat, individuals in the rat race have a common mindset, which is to work hard and consume harder. In society, it’s not necessarily the poor that get stuck in the rat race. 

In fact, the majority group of individuals that get stuck in the rat race are 2nd class citizens.

Those working a nine to five job. The common characteristic most of these individuals have in common is that they live hand to mouth. That is to say that they live from paycheck to paycheck, and soon as the money comes in the front, it jumps out through the back.

Have ever noticed an individual or group of individuals in your social circle who seem to complain about life a lot? They are smart and well educated about their jobs, and usually are the ones who get promoted or get a salary raise at their workplace.

But yet they never stop complaining about their bank accounts, how life is hard, or how their country sucks.

These people earn a substantial amount of income but yet still complain about life. The question is why do these particular individuals or group of individuals complains about life yet earning a reasonable income at their workplace?

Am neither a financial adviser nor a consultant, but every remark I make is based on self-education, and critically examining my environment and soceity. 

These points may or may not apply to you depending on where you are. 

So let’s dive deep down to our subject matter;

1. Getting into the wrong marriage at the wrong time

It’s becoming very common today to see men at the age of 23, 24,…27 already married. Once men begin to feel/get the taste of money, one of the first things that get to his mind is marriage.

Once he gets a job or has a stable source of income flowing into his account every month, marriage is the next big thing that glows in his mind.

Why? Because society has made it clear that for a man to become responsible and respected, he needs to get married which is all bullshit for me. 

Women were the ones who brought up the idea that for a man to be regarded as responsible or given a certain title then he must be married.

And men eventually bought it because that’s the song our mothers sang to us every day “Go to school, get a job, and get married”.

In some Institutions, before you get a job, promotion, or a certain percentage salary raise, you are required to be married. This places so much pressure on some individuals to get into marriages that might become disasters at the end.

And this is simply because they got into marriage for the wrong reasons in the first place. The fact is you have no control over your partners decision, whrther they want to leave or not.

Marriage is the number one biggest thing that can ruin any man financially in the 21st Century. Some men are becoming alcoholics, or violent today because of the huge financial responsibilities which they did not properly plan for before getting into the marriage. 

And so they turn to drugs and additives to make them feel good about themselves and forget their worries, even if it's for a minute

Give a man $1M today, he’ll get married, buy a house, get a luxurious car, and live on the remaining change for a couple of months.

Rather if the money was invested in a business like real estate, stocks,…etc. one could multiply this investment and earn passive income for life.

How many celebrities or individuals have been ruined to nothing because of marriages that never ended well and are still struggling today? 

Men putting in their entire savings to organize the marriage of their dreams, just to end up doing it over and over throughout their life.

I personally know several men who jumped into marriage because of social pressure and ended up either regretting their decision, becoming corrupt, or doing the things they would have never imagined because of circumstances they found themselves in.

When men acquire money, and begin to attract good looking women, they attempt to lock on to that piece of joy through marriage. And that's why we see more men getting married today or having a kid in their early 20's.

Am not trying to discourage any man or whoever from getting married. A man once told me “marriage is a call of responsibility”. The question is are you ready to take this call right now? 

Getting a job and having a stable paycheck is not enough reason to jump into marriage. You need an actual plan and financial goals in your life, and only after you must have met these goals and know what you are getting into should you think of marriage.

2. Living above your means

The more your money grows, the more your expenditures expand. Like Robert Kiyosaki said, our toys become more expensive as our money grows.

You don’t need to live like the other dude next door, prove anything to any one, or own 3 cars which you only get to drive once a month. The moment you buy a car from a car dealer or factory and drive it out, it loses 1/3 of its initial value instantly.

Let say the car cost 50k, 1/3 of it is equivalent to about 16K. Ask yourself, are you capable of losing 16k on the spot, that's if you were to sell the car? 

What if you simply invested that money or went in for a cheaper alternative especially if you live in a small town. It will do you better long-term.

Again, rather than eating from one fancy restaurant to another every day, why not learn how to cook by yourself. You could watch cooking tutorial videos, or buy a cook/recipe book to help you get through it. 

It provides you with more benefits than you could imagine, and it’s not just healthy or less costly for you, moreover, women love a man who can cook a good meal. You'll be able to easily seduce a woman just for the fact that you're capable of making a good meal at home.

These are different ways in which you can save more money, by cutting down on your expenses. 

In a couple of years, you’ll gather enough money to establish a system that could make your money work more money.

That’s why most second class citizens are stuck in the rat race because they get into one loan to another. Credit loans, mortgages, car loans…etc. you name it. 

They have this strong belief that they must showcase a certain standard of life style. There're some millionaires out there who look like the ordinary joe.

A small house, regular car, and little luxury. A good example is Warren Buffet, Mark Zukerberg, Ingvar Kamprad, Steve Ballmer, and Alice Walton who are billionaires but drove regular cars.

And so the average man pays himself first and rest comes later, but the rich man pays his business, ideas, and employees first while putting himself last. 

That’s why most entrepreneurs who own big businesses today went through months and sometimes years without receiving a single paycheck.

Because they pay themselves last and are able to squeeze their expenditure by prioritizing their needs and not wants. 

3. Procrastination

Procrastination refers to the act of taking goals and commitments in life, but never actually seeing them through. Most people who procrastinate use words like I will, I shall, later, tomorrow, next week…etc

If Newton was a procrastinator, he would have never discovered gravity so as other scientists that were the author of the incredible inventions we use today. 

In fact, if the entire humanity were procrastinators, then we will most likely still be living in the Stone Age today.

Some people think am still young, this is the time to live life to the fullest. They never bothered to make investments or get financial education and goals.

But once they hit their late 50’s they start talking about investment and looking for opportunities. But the sad truth is that their account shows negative because they’re still trying to pay off the loans they took years ago to buy a house or a car.

And so the eventually struggle at their retirement ages but end up getting trapped in the rat race.

Remember to have financial goals and a plan especially once you hit 20. Some investments take years to mature and so investing early while you’re still young and healthy is more convenient for you since you can depend more on your 7 to 9 job while waiting for your investments to mature.

A man once said the richest places are not the big cities in the world, but graveyards because there lies a ton of ideas and innovations that could change civilization, but never saw the light of the day.

4. Giving up easily

Some of us are so acquainted with comfort that once we step out of our comfort zone our minds and determination become so feeble.
Countless inventions today were built on total failures. 

Every successful man today is a product of his/her countless failures. Show me any successful man today who never experienced failures in their life, and I’ll tell you he/she is a fraud.

You must know and acknowledge the fact that failure is part of the success equation. Once you accept failure you acquire a huge determination boost that transforms you into a better individual capable of handling multiple situations in life.

Many impressive ideas have been abandoned by individuals because it was hard at first. But another wise man once said everything is hard at the beginning. 

Once you pass that phase, the toughest part is done and the entire journey flows smoothly.

Some individuals end up falling into the rat race because they abandoned every commitment they undertake halfway. Most of these commitments have great potential but would never see the light of the day.

Because of a lack of determination. Once you discover your purpose in life, you'll stay away from distractions and unnecessary activities. You'll become more focused and productive in the things you do.

Get financial education by yourself and learn from those who were able to realise their visions.

Never give up on your dreams, goals, and aspirations…

Once theirs is life, there’s hope, once there’s hope is determination!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Should Men Abide To A Woman's Definition of A "Real Man"?

July 29, 2020 0
Should Men Abide To A Woman's Definition of A "Real Man"?
Image by Лечение Наркомании from Pixabay 

In our last post, we talked about a woman's definition of a real man (click here to read in case you missed it).

Basically, a woman's definition of a real man is a man who would accept her at her worst behavior, regardless of what she does. A man who would love her unconditionally, despite the mistakes she committed whether it means cheating or doing worse.

There is a big controversy between a woman's definition of a real man, and how men should act in a relationship in order for it to be healthy.

Let's look at it with different scenarios. Let's say you love a woman unconditionally...

She cheats on you occasionally but you take her back, she get's pregnant for another dude and you accept her and the pregnancy, she disrespects you in public and you let it slide, she empties your personal savings, and still, you praise her for being with you regardless...

What do you think is going to happen next...?

She'll keep on finding new ways to defy your life and personal values apart, reap you of everything you've worked for, and become even more promiscuous while getting away with everything she does with no accountability.

And that's because you gave her an inch and she decided to take a mile.

Abiding by a woman's definition of a real man would only turn you into her personal servant and errand boy.

When she calls you, you come running, or when she sheds a tear before you for something she did wrong you feel guilty for making her cry.

She cheats on you and her excuse is you didn't love her enough or you weren't around regularly. While deep down she knows you were working hard on your business or workplace to put food on the table.


That's how women and society expect men to be because they all love a happy story where the king gets back with the queen regardless of the situation right?

But happiness doesn't work that way in reality. The happiest people are those who are able to let go of any situation in reality, whether it means walking away and focusing on the things or people that make you happy and treat you right.

Once you abide by a woman's ideals of a real man, she no longer respects you and puts in the effort to make you happy as a woman should in a relationship.

Whether it involves cooking, or cleaning, or contributing to the family expenditure because she knows you're not going anywhere.

Some men embrace a woman's ideals of a real man because they fall in love with the sex and her body, and not her personality, because if you acknowledged the fact that she has an ugly personality, then you won't be in that relationship.

"Unconditional love" is not suitable for a healthy relationship. It can be the best type of love between parents and children but doesn't work well in a romantic relationship.

And what a woman's definition of a real man promotes is pure unconditional love.

To conclude this post, I'll say "men should not abide by a woman's definition of a real man". 

And I say this because every relationship needs boundaries and respect from both ends. Once one party get's to do whatever they like and get away with it, it soon becomes a habitat.

The relationship soon shifts from healthy to toxic and affects you in all sectors of your life, because a healthy mind reflects a healthy body and vice versal.

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Why It Is Necessary To Isolate From Society To Achieve Your Dreams

July 26, 2020 0
Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

Society has never been easy to handle, and they comprise of every individual that surrounds us, including our parents, siblings, friends, and colleagues.

Society has its own philosophy of who we ought to be in life. Its philosophy has always observed a regular pattern.

Those who try to go against society's definitions of life are labeled as weird, odd, black sheep, or outcast. 

One common example is the belief that for you to be successful in life, you must go to school, find a job, work very hard, get a promotion, save money, and live large.

Most parents have imposed these beliefs on their children, and they keep on going through the same cycle and end up like their parents in “debts” and “mortgages”.

I can still remember my mom emphasizing each day to me in the past “get your degree, do your masters, continue with PhD, and become a lecturer!”. 

I’ve never enjoyed teaching in a classroom and it’s certainly a profession I’ll never develop a passion for. Not because I don't have respect or high regard for it, but because I am not just cut out for it.

And so I rejected society's idea of who I should become in life, and went on my own cruise!

Success doesn’t depend on whether or not you received an education, but how well an individual can transform an idea/imagination into a concrete system.reality.

Society trains you to be an employee at an early age. The problem with this is that rather than teaching you how to use your intelligence work for you, you exchange your time for money all your life.

Some have all the degrees in the world, yet they’re drowning in debt, and their money goes from hand to mouth. 

Without the basic knowledge of the four pillars of financial intelligence (the law, science of investment, markets, knowledge of accounting-"rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki"), it becomes difficult to make money work for you.

Whatever your dreams or ambitions are, the first step to achieving them is by isolating yourself from society. 

Society hates dreamers, it gazes at you the moment you label yourself as different from the others, it says all kinds of things against you the moment you fail to live by its philosophy of an ideal life, it would find every possible reason to demotivate you on the basis of playing it safe, or doing like the rest!

Once you start getting involved with what society has to say about you, your morale gets shattered. You fall into a cycle of disbelief, depression, and develop low self-esteem.

One of the best ways to isolate yourself from society is by not giving it any ammunition to attack you. Remain silent during your grinning and hustle and let them play the guessing game!

Let your results speak for you! Once they see what you have achieved, they have nothing to say to you, because your existence is a violation of their philosophy of life. As so they can’t comprehend what’s going on!

Once they see your stats, they stop trying to impose their lifestyle on you! Because your results do the talking in your place!

Stay away from negative energy, whether it is friends, colleagues, or family. All you are required to do is to listen, and adopt the role of an observer in society!

Don't try to convince society about your ideals, or wage war you'll lose at the end. Just show them and once they see your devotion and results, they humble themselves before you.

Another way of isolating yourself from society to focus on your goals is by quitting social media...

Am sure you might be surprised why you need to quit social media. Social media offers an unnecessary distraction that makes you lose focus on what is important at the moment.

There're a lot of things going on around the world presently, both good and bad. Most of what is happening, you have no control over it.

Rather than worrying about the things you have no control over, why not focus on that which you have control over, like your business, your hustle, or grinning... 

Even if it's just for a while, say a couple of months or years, as long as it would help you achieve the results you desire.

“Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.” – Plutarch

“The tree of silence bears the fruit of peace.” Proverb

That brings us to the end, I hope you found it helpful, and if you did don't forget to share with your family and friends. To check out our merch store, click here. Thanks!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Why Single Women Are Into Married Men

July 22, 2020 0
Why Single Women Are Into Married Men
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Some guys never cease to wonder why most single women are chasing married men, or men already in a relationship. After all these men don't give them special treatment or assurance of settling down with them.

At most the meet just twice a week, and whenever he gets hungry he goes straight for the cookie. She never locks up the cookie jar for him and he serves himself at will.

Some guys also wonder why they are suddenly getting more advance from women, though they are in a relationship, unlike the past where they had to do all the work.

Firstly, A single man is always on the hunt and women know this, that's why they're taking advantage of you.

She knows you don't have a lot of options in your dating life, so she keeps you on the waiting bench and goes after the married men who are hard to get.

When a man gets into a romantic relationship with a woman, his hunting instincts go down, and he tends to stop chasing other women.

When you no longer chase women, the turn to approach you instead especially if you're well off, good looking, and have something going on in your life.

Women begin trying hard to get your attention since you no longer give it out to just any woman out there.

And so when most men get into a relationship with a woman, they stop chasing other women especially if they have plans of settling down.

Once she knows you're hard to get, she'll be the one putting in more effort and energy to get your attention like overdressing up around you, inviting you for different occasions, showing up in places you hang around...etc

Secondly, more married men are well off than single men. There is a significant gap in wealth and a very high probability that a married man has a job and a stable income flowing to his bank account.

On the contrary, most single men are still in their early days of grinning, hustling, and laying a foundation for themselves.

This is because most single men are generally younger than married. Married men have attained a level of stability in their lives compared to younger men.

They have houses, cars, and money to spend on these younger women. The single women know this and are tired of receiving the "pennies" they collect from younger men who are not yet stable financially.

They know the gold mine lies with married men and would dig as much as they can.

Women would never be present and loyal to you in your days of grinning. She might come to you for good sex because her sugar daddy doesn't make her cum as much as she wants, but once she's done she goes back to her digging.

Women want a man who's already established and capable of taking care of their present needs, not future needs.

True, there might be some women that would stick with you and be loyal in the days where you had to grow your business for 9months without receiving a paycheck, or work 3 jobs to make a living. The question is how many do you think are out there in today's 21st century?

Thirdly, it's very easy for women to get jealous of their fellow women. Women are in love with the good things, not the good man.

Once she notices how happy and cheerful other women are with you, she'll want a taste of it.

She equally wants happiness, wants to travel the world, and feels good about herself because once she gets the man every woman wants, her ego goes up. 

Watch how when you tell your woman's friends how your wife/girlfriend is taking advantage of you, she'll sympathize with you and tell you how awful your woman is.

But trust me, if you leave your woman for her, she'll do the same things to you. She knows everything about you already and how your wife is taking advantage of you!

She knows about these benefits her friend has and wants the same things for herself.

Just to say, "never leave a woman for her friend(s)". Like birds fly together! Forget what the movies tell you because it's all a projection of a man's imagination of how life should be.

It is easy for women to get jealous of their counterparts compared to men. Even after the relationship is over, she still gets jealous. 

Why didn't he take me out often when we were together? Why is it her? Why didn't you ever buy this, why her?...etc and so her mind keeps running.

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